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A number of rare birds repopulate the mining site in Karawang


Jakarta, IO – Ranger from the Sanggabuana Conservation Foundation (SCF), Komarudin, revealed that a number of rare birds appeared to have returned to Karawang and started making nests in areas near mining.

These rare avian reappeared on Mount Sinalanggeng, Sanggabuana Mountains, Cintalanggeng Village, Tegalwaru District, Karawang Regency, per detikTravel, Wed (29/11).

“Based on the results of our patrols and also documenting the wild animals on Mount Sinalanggeng, last Sunday (26/11), we found that several rare birds had reappeared and were growing in the forest area around the mine,” said Komarudin.

He detailed that a number of rare animals ranged from the brontok eagle (Nisaetus cirhatus), the snake eagle (Spilornis cheela), the bridal eagle (Treron griseicauda), the river kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris), the Javanese kingfisher (Halcyon cyanoventris), the twilight birds (Merops leschenaulti) and other songbirds.

“These birds are protected animals in accordance with Ministerial Regulation 106/2018 concerning protected plant and animal species,” said Komarudin.

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Apart from birds, the Sanggabuana Conservation Foundation team also found various rare primates that had returned to their former habitat on Mount Sinalanggeng such as the Javan langur (Tracypithecus mauritius) and also the long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis).

In the same area in the forest of Mount Sinalanggeng, it is said that SCF saw the appearance of predatory animals of this size. They also mentioned the Javan leopard. “But we have not installed camera traps so they have not been documented,” he said. Previously, the Mount Sinalanggeng forest area was an andesite mine which started operation in 2000. In the course of time, the mine was closed in 2018. (at)


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