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Jakarta to Host the 2024 Crisis Management Conference


Jakarta, IO – Jakarta has been chosen to host the 2024 Crisis Management Conference (CMC), to be held in May next year. The annual forum is organized by the Network for Crisis Management (NCM).

The decision was announced in Tokyo, Japan. Head of Jakarta Regional Cooperation Bureau Marulina Dewi stated that Indonesia is committed to strengthening cooperation in handling disasters with many countries, per CNNIndonesia, Wednesday (18/10).

“Since becoming a member of the Network for Crisis Management (NCM), Jakarta has developed various disaster management strategies,” said Marulina.
She hopes that CMC 2024 will demonstrate Jakarta’s achievements in building security and disaster resilience, as well as opportunities to expand cooperations with other cities.

Meanwhile, the Head of Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency Isnawa Adji reiterated the readiness to handle disasters that have been carried out so far.

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He shared a number of initiatives such as the formation of a rapid response team for disaster mitigation in each sub-district, the initiation of disaster safe schools, the pentahelix collaboration for disaster management, and a disaster literacy room.

CMC is an annual meeting attended by 14 cities from 14 member countries of the NCM, a network that brings together world cities to discuss disaster management. (un)


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