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Pati youngster who paints faces of 7 presidents using village names in Indonesia breaks MURI record


Jakarta, IO – Andre Andika Putra, 20, from Pati, Central Java, painted the faces of seven Indonesian presidents. His work earned him a place in the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) record as the Most Painting of a President from a Series of Village Names in Indonesia.

The paintings of Soekarno and Joko Widodo are very unique because Andre paints them using the names of villages in Indonesia, per Detikcom, Wednesday (18/10).

Andre is said to complete the painting in about a year, from August 20, 2022 to August 25, 2023. A total of 43,618 village names in Indonesia are put together by Andre in the painting.

Andre is known for his works which uses the invert art technique so that his paintings can be seen clearly when viewed through a negative effect. This means that the color of the painting is the opposite of the original polish. For example, black seen with a negative effect will change to white.

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Andre, who holds a regular job at the Pati cinema, said it was first only for fun. “I didn’t have high expectation when I submitted the MURI application, thank God after one month it was approved and I was invited to Jakarta,” said Andre.

He said that there are several buyers interested in buying his paintings. However, he admitted that the right price has been agreed. He said currently this painting is the only one in Indonesia and the world. (un)


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