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“Jakarta is a leader of smart cities”


Jakarta, IO – Data can indeed be a new treasure or new currency, but all will be meaningless if it is not processed and analyzed properly. “Data must give insight. City government need data to ensure how to serve their citizens,” said Jennifer Robinson, Global Government Strategic Advisor, SAS, DKI Jakarta government partner, in a special interview with the Independent Observer and Investor Daily, Friday 22 July, in the Kuningan area of Jakarta. 

Jennifer has experience doing similar work with governments of cities around the world, including such as those of Turkey, Finland and New York. Data analysis has also been carried out in areas of fintech, defense and fields such as transportation. 

Data has certainly become an important part of our era, after the Covid-19 pandemic, and Jakarta’s government is aware that such data can ensure better ways to serve their citizenry. “They need to focus thinking on what will be needed after Covid. There is a new way to manage – a digital way to ascertain depth. Digital transformation enables e-government Jakarta One Data, ”Jennifer went on, accompanied by Managing Director Febrianto Forintus and Senior Marketing Specialist ASEAN Marketing SAS, Chu Ai Wei. 


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