“Jakarta is a leader of smart cities”

Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson. (Source: RISKY)

For optimal output, we must confirm that data is really accurate. For example, if 80 percent of a database is confirmed, when the remaining 20 percent is tested, then data accuracy is high. “Traffic deviation is allowed at 2.8 percent”. 

Citizen data security does not just depend on technology. “The responsibility of government is to protect data.” 

Jakarta is a big and complex city. There are 11 million residents, augmented by more than 11 million workers from who live outside Jakarta. “Thus, in one work day there are 22 million people moving through Jakarta.” Thus, data output can be superior and more precise if regions adjoining Jakarta also conduct their own data analysis. 

Jennifer sees Jakarta as a leader in the “smart city” movement. “They have vision, strategic planning, moving from planning stages to how to execute. And they want to share this knowledge.” 

As a Global Government Strategic Advisor, Jennifer is working to evolve global SAS’ strategy for the public sector, and promote its thought leadership in government analytics. With a passion for helping governments use technology to better serve their citizens, she is particularly interested in sharing the message that leveraging data is not just possible for governments, it is essential.