“Jakarta is a leader of smart cities”

Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson. (Source: RISKY)

Jennifer has a background in software development and municipal leadership. She spent several years working on federal financial systems and producing data models for private and public organizations. She has also served as a Councilwoman for Cary, North Carolina, since 1999. Before overseeing Global Government Strategy, Jennifer helped SAS’ US Government practice develop its strategy for serving local governments and participated in the creation of transformative solutions for cities and counties. 

Jennifer has insight into government policy, law, and operations, and is a member of several boards that promote the success of governments. She has served as chair of her region’s Council of Government, her region’s transit authority, and her state’s League of Municipalities, and is the Vice President of the National Association of Regional Councils. Jennifer co-wrote the book “A Practical Guide to Analytics for Government” and is featured in the book “Smart Cities, Smart Future”. In addition to writing articles and blogs about data driven governing, she speaks to government leaders about emerging technologies and how to strategically adopt them. Jennifer loves to spend time with her four children and enjoys exercising, making art, tackling home challenges, construction projects, and seeking adventure. 

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