Hundreds of KPPS personnel die during election, Din Syamsuddin suggests the formation of joint fact-finding team

General Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Advisory Council Chairperson, Din Syamsuddin together with several figures from the Community Alliance Concerned for Humanitarian Tragedies in the 2019 Election has suggested the forming of a joint fact-finding team concerning the hundreds of Voting Organizers Group (KPPS) personnel that died during the election process. This was expressed during a meeting with House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Bambang Soesatyo in the Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta on Tuesday (14/5/2019). “The point is we urge there to be a joint fact-finding team and if needed, involve elements of the public, so it is clear,” said the former Muhammadiyah Chairman after the meeting.

Din and representatives from the alliance also asked for there to be autopsies conducted on the KPPS personnel who died by the authorities to find out their cause of death. “If we want to find out the cause of death, there must be an autopsy. There is no other way. Do that so that it is clear and there is no more misleading or appearance of suspicions,” he said.

According to Din, the forming of a joint fact-finding team was important in finding out the cause of what he believed to be a massive amount of deaths. Din stated that if the government did not promptly reveal the cause, then that would make for a poor image for the president in the future. “It would also become a kind of carried sin for whoever is given the mandate to lead later, both in the DPR and in the government, that there is something that wasn’t explained,” said Din.

According to data from the General Election Commission (KPU) on Friday (10/5/2019), the number of election organizers who have died total 469 people with another 4,602 having reported being sick. (Dsy)