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Simultaneous demonstrations in four cities demand serial number 01 candidate be disqualified


IO, Jakarta – On May 10, 2019, simultaneous demonstrations were held in front of Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) offices. The demonstrations took place in Jakarta, Medan, Solo, and Semarang. The demonstrators in the four cities had the same demand; to disqualify presidential candidate serial number 01.

In Solo, a group of citizens held their demonstration in front of the Surakarta Bawaslu office. They stated that they would reject KPU’s announcement on the results of the election counting recapitulation. The group, whose members mostly wore white, were seen to fill the alleyway in front of the Bawaslu office. The protestors stated that they had suspicions that there was fraud carried out structurally, systematically, massively, and brutally during the holding of the election. “We reject the announcement of the 2019 election results by the KPU. Bring justice to those who committed fraud,” said Edi Lukti, the coordinator of the protest which called itself the Mobile People’s Presidium Group (Gaprak) when reading the protestors’ statement of intent on Friday (10/5/2019).

Edi expressed what he believed to be several indications of fraud in the election with among others being the numerous problematic voters in the Permanent Voters List (DPT) which he believed to affect millions of voters. According to Edi, there were also millions of voters who received C6 forms. The protesters also urged the Bawalsu to create a fact-finding team (TPF) to investigate the deaths of election organizers during the election.

Not only in Solo, hundreds of demonstrators joined in the People’s Movement to Guard the People’s Voice protested in the Jalan Pahlawan-Veteran intersection in Semarang, Central Java on Friday (10/5/2019).

The coordinator for the movement, Zulkifli believed that the organizers of the 2019 election – the Bawaslu and KPU – did not carry out their duty properly. Zulkifli claims that he has collected data showing 7,132 violations relating to the election organizers.  “We want an honest election. This is what we are fighting for, because sovereignty is in the hands of the people. As a result, we give a red card to the KPU because they are incompetent,” he said.

In Jakarta, demonstrations were held in front of the Bawaslu building to escort the Prabowo-Sandiaga National Success Team report concerning fraud during the 2019 election on the same day (10/5/2019). “Why not keep the calmness of Ramadan. Ramadan should be calm, I want to ask that, answer or don’t. Brother/Sister, it needs to be known that Ramadan is not for fasting and praying but there is a Badr war happening,” said Habib Hanif Alatas from atop the commando car in front of the Bawalsu building on Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta.

“What is called worship is not just practical acts of worship, we have to fast and do tarawih prayers. But great worship is jihad. Ready to have a constitutional jihad. Ready to fight against tyranny during Ramadan. Independence, Independence!” continued Habib Hanif Alatas.

Habib Hanif explained that the aim of the demonstration in front of the Bawaslu building was to escort the BPN report on election fraud. The protestors also demanded that the serial number 01 candidate be disqualified. “Ready to unite? Ready to tighten the lines? Ready for a constitutional jihad? The BPN has reported and demanded that candidate serial number 01 be disqualified. Do not be afraid, the people will support you. So, I ask, ready to support the Bawalsu? Ready to support NKRI (The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia)?” shouted Habib Hanif from his commando car.

In Medan, North Sumatra, thousands of Muslims joined in the Crisis Center Selamatkan Indonesia (Save Indonesia) visited the North Sumatra Bawaslu office in Jalan Adam Malik, West Medan, on the same day that afternoon.  The mass of people protested and reported what they believed to be fraud in the 2019 elections.

During his oration, Fatwa Guards National Movement (GNFP) Head and North Sumatra Ulema, Ustadz Heriansyah stated that his side had witnessed structural, massive, and systematic lies done by the serial number 01 presidential and vice-presidential candidates. “As a result, we ask Joko Widodo to be disqualified as a 2019 presidential candidate. Second, we ask the KPU to be forensically audited as we suspect there have been purposeful acts by the KPU to manipulate the presidential election results,” said Heriansyah received with shouts from protestors. (dsy)


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