Sandiaga’s calling for a struggle of truth till the last drop

Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Vice Presidential Candidate for number 02 in 2019 Presidential Election. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – Candidate for vice-president number 02, Sandiaga Uno invited all of his supporters to continue fighting against various frauds that occurred, during, and after the 2019 General Election.

Sandiaga make this statement during his speech in an event that focused on alleged fraud in this year’s election. He expressing what’s in his heart to the audience. According to him, the 2019 election left a concerning record. Hundreds of people lost their beloved ones as they running their duty as election officer. Not to mention thousands of officers were sick and treated in a number of hospitals. So many victims, it is not wrong for Sandiaga to said that this year’s election is the worst election in history. “Hopefully the one who died, they died in khusnul khotimah (to be forgiven after death), because they died while carrying out their duties. And for the victims in who still in the hospital to be soon cured, and hopefully no more victims will die,” he said.

The Vice-President Candidate for Prabowo Subianto also said that in several cases there are money and politics involved, one of which was the discover of hundreds of thousands of envelopes to be used for last minute bribing-actfor the election. Ironically, is that in the trial of the suspects from the party who supporting the incumbent, the case led up to dragging a high-ranking state-owned enterprise and its Party. “In many parts of the country, many people get political-offers and it was guarded by the authorities, people are being given the lure of money to support the incumbents. Also, the government officials were threatened and forced to choose a certain pair of candidates. Now we still gathering evidence, and it is not an easy job. “We hope for an honesty,” he said.

As a Candidate for Vice President, Sandiaga experiencing many injustices acts from the election organizers during the campaign, voting and until the vote counting process. Starting from the problematic DPT (Fixed Voter List), the cardboard boxes for collecting paper votes were easily damaged, 6.5 million people were aggrieved just because they didn’t get the voting invitation, logistical delays to witness was expelled at the voting station and intimidated in certain areas. “I experienced a place where the campaign needs to continuously move and was difficult to reached, this is some of the things that makes various violations to occur,” he explained.

Sandiaga also said that the community was also given the quick results of votes from various survey institutions that were heavily inclined to one candidate candidate, the people were shown the error of Situng Election. “Elections have indeed finish, but there are many acts of frauds and injustices that can be seen. Isn’t that democracy means to value loyalty to honesty. Let’s fight until die in the last ditch, “shouted Sandi who was immediately greeted with takbir by the audience. (Dan)