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Hay! Coffee Shop


Sipping coffee with Live Music

IO – Savoring strong coffee while enjoying live music on Saturday nights sure can ease tired minds after a long hard week. On Jalan Pramuka Raya, Mampang, Depok there is a relatively new cafe and coffee shop that offers such a comfortable atmosphere for visitors.

This cafe covers a fairly large area, including both indoor and outdoor spaces. Harpan Gemilang, Owner of Hay! Coffee Shop, explained that he and his wife Dr. Yulisa initially intended to set up a “coffee to go” with a capacity of 40-50.

However, with the 400 square meters of land, Hay! Coffee finally stands proudly. Hay! Coffee is surrounded by family businesses including IR vape business, clothing and a mini-market. Meanwhile, the remaining space is rented out to other tenants.

Harpan explained the name Hay! Coffee is taken from a combination of his and his wife’s names, Harpan and Yulisa, which is considered simple and easy to remember. Initially, he wanted the concept of Hay! Coffee to be “full-industrialist” but he decided to complete the set with shades of green through a ‘small garden’.

Hay! Coffee strictly implements health protocols, with separate seats between visitors. Harpan revealed that because his wife is an aesthetic doctor, she does not want visitors to accumulate. Therefore, the stools are located far apart, to enable social distancing.

The café’s indoor and outdoor areas can accommodate 70-120 visitors, and reach 200 visitors in total if optimized under normal conditions. “We placed the chairs apart from each other following government rules to maintain 50 percent of capacity,” said Harpan.

Gayo coffee. Harpan admitted Hay! Coffee excels in being a great hangout place; visitors can taste the most ordered favorite menu items including Kopi Gula Aren. “Our advantage is the large parking area and cozy atmosphere,” he said.

The signature menu Hay! Coffee is Coffee Cotton Candy, a combination of coffee with cotton candy called “grandma’s hair.” Hay! Coffee also provides a special drink, The Sun Special, a mocktail with almond and strawberry flavors.

Initially, Hay! Coffee targeted students, but over time the family segment of the market increased. To accommodate its visitors who are tired of working at home, Hay! Coffee serves contemporary menus. “Usually those who are in the middle age, pre-millennial generation, ask for manual brew coffee,” said Harpan.

There are several single origins provided by Hay! Coffee for manual brews, consisting of Tubruk, Vietnam Drip, V60, Chemex, Flat Bottom, Japanese Iced. However, because they come from a farming family in Gayo, Aceh, the special coffee served is Gayo coffee with three variants, namely Wine, Specialty, and Honey. They also serve other types of coffee, such as specialty Mangalayang.

For the Coffee Milk menu, among them are Hay! Buddy, The Sun Happiness, Coffee Banana, Coffee Mint, Coffee Cookies & Regal, Coffee Crunchy Milo, Coffee Blackforest, and The Sun Cloudy. As for the Coffee-based menu, including Espresso, Double Espresso, Espresso + Honey, Americano, Black Gayo, Sanger Gayo, Cappuccino, Affogato, and Flavor Lattes such as vanilla, hazelnut, rum, and caramel.

For non-coffee drinkers, Hay Coffee offers Thai Tea, Matcha, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Earl Gray Chocolate, Cookies & Regal, and various milkshake and smoothies on the menu, including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and regal, lychee, banana blue, mango, peach. The tea menu includes Lemon Tea, Lychee Tea, Peach Tea, and Mango Tea. There are also Squash drinks, with flavors of Lemon, Lychee, Mango, and Peach.

Vegetable Noodles. Meanwhile, for the superior food menu, they provide Hay! Vegetable Noodles, a combination of noodles and spinach as a healthy option for family visitors who bring children.

Others Hay! Noodles are original, chicken katsu, chicken chili matah, chicken pop, beef slice, and beef black pepper. “So children have choices of healthy, delicious, and not too spicy foods,” said Dr. Yulisa.

Hay! Coffee also provides a Fried Indomie menu, with original variations: Chicken Katsu, Chicken Sambal Matah, Chicken Pop, Beef Slice, and Black pepper Beef. There is also a Boiled Indomie on the menu with additional sausages, eggs, corned beef, and meatballs.

As for the rice menu, there are original Fried Rice variants: Chicken Katsu, Chicken Pop, Beef Slice, and Beef Black pepper – the variants can also be ordered with white rice. For pasta, there is Hay! Aglio Olio and Hay! Bonara.

Meanwhile, for snacks, there are Platters (French Fries, Sausages, and nuggets), Platter Wings, French Fries, Grilled Sausages, Bakso Bakar, Chicken Nugget, and Chicken Wings. Hay! Coffee also serves Dimsum and Bakpao menus, such as Chicken Dimsum, Mushroom Dimsum, Gyoza Grill, Lumpia, Red Bean Bakpao, and Chocolate Bakpao. Sweets-lovers may enjoy items from the Bananas menu and pastries.

Haykustik. On Saturday night Hay! Coffee offers live music, Haykustik. “Most people usually visit the place after work; however, during the pandemic we are set to close at 19.00, which is quite impactful,” admitted Dr. Yulisa.

Visitors also come in the mornings on weekends, after the morning ride. “Since we provide a prayer room and a large parking area, we hope Hay! Coffee can be the choice for people even during Ramadhan,” said Dr. Yulisa.

Although it is relatively new, Hay! Coffee has held events such as music evenings and weddings. Harpan said there had been a few events offered, but they were constrained by this pandemic.

“We want an event like stand-up comedy. We want to have a routine event so that we become a community café,” said Harpan.

Going forward, Hay! Coffee plans to open a roastery business, so that it educates visitors about how to directly process coffee beans. With the roastery business, Hay! Coffee will process the coffee beans themselves, from green beans to coffee. (Kartika Indah)


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