Wednesday, July 24, 2024 | 18:23 WIB

Habitat loss causes direct conflict between elephant and human in Aceh


Aceh, IO – Conflicts between elephants and humans occur almost every day in several regions of Aceh Province as a result of the destruction of the animal’s habitat.

“Most of the forested area which used to be a protected wild habitat has been damaged or disturbed and has changed function leading to disturbances by the elephants,” said Head of Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) Aceh Kamarudzaman, as per Antara, Wednesday (20/7).

Kamarudzaman described a number of regencies which, according to his records, frequently saw clashes between the human settlers with the endangered elephants.

“Pidie, Bener Meriah, and East Aceh are some of the areas where elephant-human conflicts often occur,” he said.

He also detailed what happened in Pidie regency. According to his records, elephant-human conflicts have occurred in 65 villages across eleven sub-districts. “The conflicts are still ongoing,” he said.


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