Government starts construction for NTT flood victims

Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing starts construction of permanent residence for relocating flood and landslide victims in East Nusa Tenggara.

IO – The Government, through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, continues to make various efforts to recover from the damage caused the flooding and landslides in various parts of East Nusa Tenggara. One of these efforts is by immediately executing President Joko Widodo’s direction to relocate the homes of these disaster victims to a safer location.

The Ministry will construct permanent residences for the victims using the Simple, Healthy Instant Housing (Rumah Instan Sederhana Sehat – “RISHA”) technology. RISHA is a form of prefabricated (knock down) construction that can be erected rapidly using reinforced concrete as its primary structure. One of the sites meant for permanent residence construction is in Waisesa

1, Tanjung Batu Village, Regency of Lembata.

The Ministry has marked out 4.3 hectares out of the total 10 hectares allocated for the pur pose, and has placed the first stone in the Waisesa 1 site. The plan is to construct 154 permanent residence units there. Two RISHA mock-up units are being constructed, with completion expected within the next two weeks. Such RISHA mock-up units will also be constructed on the other relocation sites when the land donation is administered and the land is marked up properly. “We are also going to perform geo-electrical tests to ensure the availability of clean water sources for the land we intend to build the permanent residences for disaster victims on,” said the Head of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Disaster Mitigation Task Force for East and West Nusa Tenggara regions, Widiarto.

Widiarto earlier stated that the Ministry has calculated the required costs for implementing the RISHA housing construction program in a multiple-year budget totaling IDR 338 billion. This is divided into the 2021 budget at IDR 236 billion and the 2022 budget at IDR 102 billion. 1,000 RISHA units will be built in the Regencies of Lembata (700 units) and Adonara (300 unit). Local Governments suggested four additional sites for relocation other than in these Regencies: Regency of Kupang (to construct 14 housing units), Town of Kupang (about 530 housing units), Regency of Alor (599 housing units), and Regency of Rote Ndao (153 housing units). (eka)