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Gender Stereotypes Still Barrier for Women Entering Politics


Jakarta, IO – Jurnal Perempuan Foundation together with Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) politician Eneng Malianasari held the 115th edition of “Bedah Jurnal Perempuan” public discussion at Kedai Iboe Madam, Jakarta, Friday (8/3).

Titled “Political Participation of Women and Young People in Indonesian Democracy’, Jurnal Perempuan collaborated with researcher-writer Ikhaputri Widiantini as the moderator.

Ikha highlighted a number of issues in the political field when conducting research and presenting them to the public. One of the crucial findings is the gender stereotypes that still exist.

According to Ikha, these stigmas still place women as weak. As a result, they tend to be silent especially since they are not trained to express their opinions in public.

Ikha sees this factor as one of the reasons behind the lack of women’s interest to join politics. “It turns out that this is an obstacle for women appearing in public, especially the stereotypes (that women get) from their own family,” said Ikha.

Eneng Malianasari, affectionately nicknamed “Sis Mili,” agreed with these findings. She admitted that this was also what encouraged her to try to reach out to women of various ages when conducting dialogue with the community in her constituency.

Ikha and Mili agree that every woman’s experience cannot be generalized. However, they both believe that this issue is homework that must be addressed jointly.

They believe that wider opportunities will encourage women to appear more in public spaces.  Mutual support among women is also seen as another crucial point to encourage women to enter the political scene.

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“This can only be realized if women are given trust. For those who have the privilege (to pursue higher education), they must give trust to other women,” said Ikha.

The discussion also presents a number of views and interviews regarding the dynamics of women’s and young people’s participation in Indonesian democracy. It was held to commemorate the International Women’s Day which is celebrated every March 8. (un)


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