Forensic team reveals slain cop’s cause of death: fatal shots to chest and head

Autopsy. (Source: klikdokter)

Jakarta, IO – Joint forensic team tasked with carrying out a second autopsy announced the cause of death behind the killing of Police Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat (“Brigadier J”).

Led by Ade Firmansyah Sugiharto, the team concluded that his death was caused by gun shots, the most fatal ones to his head and chest.

“There were two fatal wounds on the chest and head,” said Ade, as reported by CNN Indonesia on Monday (22/8). The team found a total of five gunshot wounds with four of them went through his body.

The team also confirmed that there were no injuries due to torture, as alleged by the victim’s family. The injuries, continued Ade, were consistent with gunshot wounds.

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“I can confirm that according to the results of the autopsy, there was no other injury other than those caused by firearm,” he said.

Ade said that his team had also examined the shooting distance. However, they have to arrive at a conclusion. (un)