A Vanuatuan deported for using Indonesian friend’s ID card to fight in MMA

Yordan-Hilapok - source Dirjen Imigrasi
Yordan Hilapok. (Source: Immigration Directorate General)

Jakarta, IO – The Immigration Directorate General deported Maelao Kalworai, a Vanuatu national on Monday (22/8) as he was considered a dangerous individual and for causing public order disturbance.

Maelao reportedly used the ID card of his friend Jordan Hilapok to compete in the One Drive Mix Martial Art (MMA) event organized by TV One. Jordan is an Indonesian citizen from Jayawijaya regency, Papua, who befriended Maelao at Han Academy Solo.

Maelao previously resided in Indonesia using a business visa permit issued by the East Jakarta Immigration Office. However, the visa has expired on March 4.

He also holds a limited stay permit under the sponsorship of the Sebelas Maret University Surakarta (UNS) since 2014. He was an undergraduate scholarship recipient of the university’s faculty of civil engineering, and continued to pursue his master’s degree for three semesters before dropping out in June 2021.