Fastwork Launches New Service Sub-Categories

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Fastwork Technologies Indonesia (, the largest online freelancer platform company in Southeast Asia, has launched various new sub-categories of services to meet the needs of users and open new opportunities for freelancers. 

Along with an increasing demand for services in the categories of language translation, data processing, programming and lifestyle, Fastwork is expanding its service, by opening new sub-categories in these fields. In the language-translation category, Fastwork adds Russian and French translation services. In the data processing category, Fastwork adds data entry and data analysis services. In the programming category, Fastwork offers game development and robotics services. In the lifestyle category, services that are owned are even more diverse, ranging from online courses, making social media captions, making speeches, making videos, online game partners, making travel plans, to online payment services. 

Jerd Phichitkul, Founder & CEO of Fastwork said, “At Fastwork, we never stop researching to understand the needs of our users and continue to explore what we can do to make their users’ jobs easier, especially in this time of the pandemic. However, as we go along, we discovered much need for new services that are not always related to business and work but also related to hobbies, lifestyle, and positive activities to pass the time during a pandemic. This is what inspired us to launch several new subcategories. So if you have skills in that area, Fastwork can help you turn them into something productive.” 

“Despite the pandemic situation we are currently in, Fastwork made significant progress in the first half of 2020. Our registered users increased by 24% and the number of completed transactions increased by 78%. Therefore, we will continue to explore more categories to stay relevant to the needs of our users,” added Jerd. 

With the basic idea of bringing together freelancers and potential service users, Fastwork was founded in 2015 by a group of young engineers and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and New York. Fastwork then developed into the largest professional freelancing platform in Southeast Asia and succeeded in dominating the Thai market. This company has started its expansion into Indonesia, since August 2018. Fastwork has 60 service categories and the most sought after are language translation services, SEO services, Google ads services, game developers, web designers, and home designs. Fastwork in Indonesia currently has 100,000 registered users, with 10,000 professional freelancers, and more than 10,000 transactions completed every month.