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Fancy special Japanese delicacies at Asuka


IO, Jakarta – Indonesia’s Capital city boasts quite a number of Japanese restaurants, yet this one offers a com­pletely different experience. Typical Japanese flavour is so authentic in Asuka restaurant, not only in terms of from usual menu and distinctive atmosphere, the dining room was originally designed to adhere to typ­ical Japanese style, as well as au­thentic Japanese chefs, are ready to welcome you to the elegant sushi bar. Bringing in a different concept from the former restaurant, Asuka comes with a fresher impression. The loca­tion also appears more strategic, orig­inally on the third floor, now moved to the JW Marriot Hotel lobby area. Asuka is now under the patronage of famous Singapore-based Japanese restaurant management Tatsuya.

Asuka offers traditional cuisine with modern Japanese interiors. Sev­eral dining rooms are available in this restaurant, one of which is a Classical Sushi Bar in the dining room, carry­ing an open-plan concept with black stone background. An elegant effect is clearly visible in this room. Thus, U-shaped tables will let the guests ob­serve the cooking process right away and assess the food preparation. The Dining Area is designed with a tra­ditional Japanese concept combined with a modern look: ornaments are imported directly from Japan, such as wood, paper, kimono cloth, and mirrors.

One prominent room that has be­comes the hallmark is Asuka Japa­nese Dining, as it possesses a very authentic and original atmosphere. Interiors are made from woods, as well as private rooms made for lese­han [cross-legged position on the floor] which is obviously a real Japa­nese experience.

Under the supervision of Execu­tive Chef Nishiura Osamu and his assistant Chef Takagumi Harumit­su, menus like bento, sushi and sashimi are the best choices, with high-quality and authentic ingredi­ents such as O Toro [Highest-Grade Japanese Wild Tuna belly] and Kinki Butteryaki [Premium Kinki Fish from Hokkaido]. For beef lovers, Asuka’s Gyu Tataki Don menu will certainly not be missed. Asuka also provides premium sake, an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, imported di­rectly from Japan.

If you are interested in trying something new, you can try the “Omakase” package menu, where every menu presented will be updat­ed daily based on your preference through the chefs’ creative notions, from appetizers to desserts. For sure, it is reflected from its name, Omakase which means “up to you”.

“The menu offered might be dif­ferent every time, adjusted to current raw material availability in Japan,” explained the JW Marriott Jakarta Assistant Marketing Communications Manager.

The restaurant only uses quali­ty elements that are wholly shipped twice every week from Japan, such as salmon, tuna, and shrimp. This is done to maintain freshness and origi­nal taste. Not only that, all menus are directly handled by professional chefs from Japan.

This is the secret of Asuka’s max­imum freshness that set it similar to the original ones in Japan, not always just different flavours. No wonder that this restaurant called Asuka, which means “tomorrow’s fragrance,” as the entire menu presented here is believed to be carried away and lives in the customer’s mind.

Fine atmosphere and fresh as­sured raw materials surely allows Asuka Restaurant to earn top spot for our recommendation for every Japa­nese food devotee. (Aldo)


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