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Maple and Oak: Relax with maple butter brioche and a cup of warm cappuccino


IO, Jakarta – Throughout the day you can enjoy coffee and brioche poured with sweet-savoury maple syrup at ‘Maple & Oak’, a café be­longing to Chef Odie Djamil which can be your only choice to savor an All-Day Brunch. Opened in July 2016 and has been crowd­ed with morning customers ever since. “We choose Maple and Oak names because when we did food tasting for the first time, maple is the first ingredient as we estab­lish Maple Butter Brioche menu, hence it becomes our flagship to date. Oak name was chosen fol­lowing its sturdy and strong char­acteristics, one seed that can grow into a strong thousand-year-old tree; that’s why we want to share the same philosophy to strength­en the structure and long-term ambition of our team,” said Chef Odie.

The interiors provide a warm and cosy atmosphere, filled with light brown colours, with green plant hangers that give a ‘fresh’ impression on this cafe. There are two dining rooms available, an in­door side with air conditioning and another on the patio. Although equipped with small spaces, food provisions obviously become the prominent advantage of this café. On the menu are various types of salads such as Chicken Caesar Sal­ad and Beet-Cured Salmon Salad. As for the all-day Brunch menu, there are Hotcakes, Croque Mon­sieur, Eggs Benedict, Maple But­ter Brioche, Coffee Butter Steak & Eggs to Big Breakfast.

Various menu items available suddenly remind me of the Austra­lian-style brunch cafe concept. To add to the morning spirit, I ordered a cup of Hot Cappuccino. Combin­ing home-blend coffee from Mal­abar, Gayo, Mandailing and Bali coffee beans to a delicious aroma of Hot Cappuccino.

“Mostly the menu we use here is bread and egg-based, plus veg­etables we import from Australia through a modern selection and cooking techniques,” said Chef Odie Jamil.

Menu choices are said to be classic and popular with a slightly modern twist. For example, Coffee Butter Steak & Egg; there is also a different Eggs Benedict, not just covered by yellow hollandaise sauce as usual, but Chef Odie also adds green basil oil for elfin change in appearance and taste.

If you like a variety of sweet and savoury dishes, you can taste the Maple Butter Brioche. One brioche sheet cut into two pieces baked slightly brownish and served with beef bacon, as well as strawberry pieces, rocket salad, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and microgreens. In addition, there is a scrambled egg menu cooked with perfect maturity and soft texture, good to combine with warm brioche and creamy maple truffle butter. Ma­ple syrup also poured over, tastes savoury sweet with a soft, fresh-sour texture of vegetables and fruits.

In addition to meals, various beverages are offered by Maple and Oak. Like cold-pressed juice, cold brew coffee, coffee and mocktails. From the coffee menu, one of the favourites is Hot Mocha. Drinks are made from espresso, milk and chocolate powder. Tasting food and drinks at Maple and Oak, guests will be accompanied by a femi­nine and relaxed café ambience. It’s great to have brunch with your friends or colleagues at this fine place. (Aldo)


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