Enjoying a pleasurable specialty brew at Nitro Coffee

One of the most popular coffees in Nitro Coffee, other then its manual brew, is the Flat White, which has a not too creamy texture.

IO, Jakarta – Many thinks that Jakarta is a very busy and stressful city. In this city congestion is something that happens at all times and tests every citizen’s patience when on the road. Growing up in the capital has accustomed me to traffic jams, boisterous, modernity, business, time, politics and of course coffee shops. But for me, Jakarta has a sweet side neatly stored in every corner of the coffee shop. Miraculously indeed, there are always new coffee shops that I have not visited, even though there are often countless times we look around for coffee shops, continuously growing across this city. The growth of the coffee shops does not stop. And that is also the reason why Jakarta is still sweet, at least for me.

After a hectic schedule of my daily activities, I decided to stop by a coffee shop in South Jakarta. This coffee shop is quite ‘beautiful’ in its interior. At least that’s the first impression I got when I saw their social media account. Sure enough, this Nitro Coffee intrigued me to visit it from the first time I saw photos of the place on social media. Greeted with a U-shaped coffee bar with a mosaic theme makes it iconic. Wooden chairs add harmony which somehow makes this shop different.

When I visited for the first time, the atmosphere of the coffee shop in the afternoon was very pleasant. As far as the eye can see, there are only two people operating this shop. For coffee shops that are not too small, two baristas who work are a formidable achievement for a coffee shop. It feels like a coffee shop abroad does not require many people to serve customers. Barista, servant, cashier carried out by these two people. Amazingly all are well served.

That afternoon, I ordered a Guatemalan origin single coffee filter from Smoking Barrel which was brewed with Kalita Wave and one flat white cup. In fact, there are many methods of manual brewing, starting from Kalita, Chemex to Hario V60. But somehow the choice fell on Kalita Wave and indeed I have never tried drinking coffee with this technique; I also wanted to feel the sensation of enjoying coffee in this way. The coffee filter is priced at IDR 45,000 per cup, for that price I think it is very worth it. Remember Guatemalan is one of the beans that I like and makes me feel floating when I drink it. Sorry I’m having trouble finding matching words of pleasure other than ‘floating’.

To add to the solemnity of drinking coffee I ordered a brownie cake. This dish was chosen to accompany me in enjoying the warm Nitro Coffee. For the espresso base menu, they use an espresso machine that is finished and unmitigated: the brand used is La Marzocco Strada 3 Group, which is truly extraordinary and the totality for a coffee shop that is not too big.

Well, for those of you who like to enjoy a cup of coffee that is relaxed without being noisy or coffee while working and does not want to be disturbed by a noisy atmosphere, Nitro Coffee is the most suitable choice. For those of you who smoke they also provide an outdoor area that is quite comfortable, the same as the indoor. So, you can smoke while drinking coffee and be happy, in addition to the delicious taste of the coffee they have. The other best part of Nitro Coffee is that they are open from 8 am so for those who have difficulty finding a good coffee place in the morning and want to have breakfast, you can stop by this coffee shop located on Jalan Ciranjang No.10, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. (Aldo)