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Dine with metal music at Lawless Burger Bar


IO, Jakarta – Jakarta boasts enormous culinary options which possess the feeling of endless exploration. Needless to say, especially in burger bar kinds. However, among hundreds, there are only a few exclusive bars with typical delicacies offered, one of them being Lawless Burger Bar. Lawless focuses on a double-shaped round bread filled with a meat patty and vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and onion. Lawless use sauces with mayonnaise, ketchup, sambal and mustard.

Situated at Jalan Kemang Selatan 8 No. 67 H, South Jakarta, this place opened its doors on September 3rd, 2017. Lawless carried a unique concept of heavy metal bar-restaurant, the first one in Indonesia to stand on this kind of rock ‘n’ roll impression. Upon arrival in the main entrance, Independent Observer could sense an Intense and concentrated atmosphere as we’re welcomed by a decorative wall of metal band posters like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, as well as high pitched heavy metal music making the visitor feels like attending a concert.

There are three menu categories offered by the Lawless Burger Bar, with names similar to metal songs: Eyehateburgs, Side by Side Do or Die, and Drink the Blood of the Enemy. This is the most prominent value of Lawless, everything from the floor to the ceilings was inspired by famous metal singers, bands, or even song titles. On top of that, as a restaurant, what about the quality of their food?

It does not take long for me to choose the menu, eyes directly caught by the Lemmy and Motley Burg. This burger name was inspired by the Motörhead [British Rock Band] frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, a double-patty burger containing beef bacon, beef briskets, and a sunny side up egg, later flanked by soft bun of mustard, BBQ sauce, tomato slices and crunchy onion rings. The size could reach 15 centimetres thick, yet it still brings delicious taste, tender looks, and melting sensation in every bite.

Unfinished with Lemmy, a fresh Motley Burg presence already spurred my appetite. Named after the glam band Motley Crue, this burger was set with a beef patty, beef bacon, and fresh cuts of BLT [bacon, lettuce, tomato] which will fully satisfy your tongue with additional melted cheddar and mozzarella.

With the concept of a heavy-metal bar, this restaurant is located next to the Lawless Store which has been long established, since 2011. It was intentionally built by two personnel of the massively popular Seringai Band, Sammy Bramantyo and Arian Arifin, as a gathering spot for fans. They admitted that wishes and input from their foreign counterparts encouraged them to finally enter the culinary business through Lawless Burger Bar.

“Actually, we have long been thinking of eating places like this, just to accommodate fans with a new hangout and eating place,” Sammy delivered.

“Metal-rock bars like this is very common in the other countries. Surprisingly, during the Hammersonic Event (Indonesia’s Largest Metal Festival) a lot of foreigners were talking to us about the lack of metal bars in Indonesia. They have had enough of going to cafes and bars which overplayed mainstream music. Seeing market demands, later we were triggered to open this Lawless Burger Bar,” added Arian.

Despite being lustrous with rock ‘n’ roll shades, Lawless Burger Bar does not limit its target market. Many also come to Lawless to taste a burger whilst watching a football match or simply hanging out with friends over the weekend.

“Everybody is welcome, from Coldplay fans to jazz enthusiasts, this place may be a new choice as well,” Arian said. “It seems like we have even branched out beyond our usual market, not only from the metal community who came over, but also culinary lovers whom interested to try out typical delicacies we offered,” he added.

This burger joint is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., with a price range ranging from Rp30 thousand for a burger and Rp15 thousand for a side dish, surely Lawless Burger Bar is a new alternative hangout destination around Kemang.

(Muhammad Akbar)


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