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Dhyani Primaluminari: seeking to have more Indonesian women participate in politics


Jakarta, IO – Dhyani Primaluminari is mostly known as a modest wear fashion designer. Since childhood, she has wanted to live a good life – in her case, meaning a life that is beneficial to as many people as possible. Therefore, she is expanding her reach by entering the political arena: she is putting herself up as a legislative candidate for the upcoming 2024 elections from the Democrat Party, i.e. for a seat in the Regional House of Representatives, for Number 5 Electoral Region of East Jakarta. This area covers the Districts of Jatinegara, Duren Sawit, and Kramat Jati.

As a mature woman entrepreneur (born on 22 May 1975), Dhyani explained in her exclusive interview with the Independent Observer on Saturday, 18 November 2023, that she is entering politics because “I notice that the participation rate of Indonesian women in the parliament is extremely low. This means that women are barely represented in the parliament, and it negatively affects policies that are related to our biggest interest – ourselves as women who have different needs from men, and the needs of children,” she said.
Dhyani is not at all nervous as the 2024 Elections inch closer. She has made various preparations, including socializing with constituents, since early this year. She has also participated in the Democrat Party’s technical guidance sessions three times. And most importantly, she has the full support of her nearest and dearest family and friends.

As a Democrat Party legislative candidate, Dhyani’s vision is to help create a fair and prosperous Jakarta, one that fights to ensure that its citizens can become faithful and trustworthy, healthy and intelligent, and willing to do their part to sustainably preserve the environment through supportive legislation. Her mission is:

First: to see, hear, and fight for the people’s aspirations in education, health, community social empowerment, protection of the rights of women and children, and guidance of the young;

Second: to improve the quality and competence of the local HR and to empower them, based on the concepts of faith and trustworthiness in the support of her duties and functions as a representative of the people;

Third: to improve the quality of HR management and service, as well as data and information management and service;

Fourth: to improve the quality of overall local legislative performance, as a representative of the people;

Fifth: to develop good professionalism and administrative management in local legislation; and

Sixth: to improve the workings of the Regional Representative Council Secretariat to ensure better performance of their duties and functions.

Dhyani is making her vision and mission a reality by running actual programs whose benefits will be felt directly by the people, viz.:

First: to produce regional legislation that supports women’s empowerment and child protection;

Second: to fight for a new, more open (transparent), modern, and tolerant Jakarta;

Third: to understand the people’s aspirations through open and equal communication, going to the field directly to talk with them;

Fourth: to support a free ambulance program for the poor and other social-benefit endeavors; and

Fifth: to provide specific training for women and youth, focusing on micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.

In order to ensure her election as a people’s representative in the Number 5 Electoral Region of East Jakarta, Dhyani sets the target of winning at least 10,000 votes. This will complement the Democrat Party’s target of obtaining two seats per Electoral Region in the Jakarta Regional House of Representatives. This is certainly not an easy feat, but why is she interested in doing it?

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“I am fully aware that not many people will fight for the voices of women and children. This is precisely why I seek to be elected – so that I can contribute to them, by representing them and fighting for their legal rights. I sincerely want to help my society – by going straight to the people, socializing with them and listening to their aspirations, I hope to be able to know what their problems are and help them with them,” Dhyani said.

This is Dhyani’s first experience as a candidate legislator. She is also fully aware of how people view candidates, especially when they appear among their constituents. However, it does not intimidate her. She continues to move forward, and to constantly meet with the people to introduce herself widely and explain to them about how her programs will benefit them when she gets elected. “The hardest thing is to eliminate money politics from society,” she sighs. “However, I accept things as they are and march on lillahi ta’ala – for Allah’s glory and because of Him. Bismillah, in the name of Allah, I make my efforts, and leave the end results to Allah,” she declared optimistically.
What does Dhyani hope to achieve by participating in the upcoming 2024 Legislative Elections? “Getting myself elected, of course, so I can contribute to society by consistently implementing my vision, mission, and programs,” she smiled.

Good luck with your fight, Dhyani! (des)


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