Sunday, October 1, 2023 | 06:32 WIB

DHL Express Launches First Yellow Boat in Asia-Pacific, Expediting Batam-Singapore Service


IO – DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, today launched its first Yellow Boat delivery service to provide a more reliable and efficient way of transporting goods between Batam and Singapore. The innovative service is part of DHL’s commitment to using multi transport modes to expedite transit time for shipments between Batam and to the rest of the world – thus offering a competitive edge to our valued Batam customers.

The new “DHL Batam Yellow Boat” has a capacity of 35 tons and operates two times a day, six days a week between Sekupang (Batam) and Brani Port (Singapore). This service allows shipments to connect to the air network of our South Asia Hub in Singapore and also to our Central Asia Hub in Hong Kong.

Ahmad Mohamad, Senior Technical Advisor DHL Express Indonesia stated, “We provide reliable and efficient express shipping services between Batam and Singapore and to the rest of the world. This is a dedicated DHL Express boat, sailing to ensure a consistently high level of reliability and quality service.”

Ahmad went on to explain, “This innovative service was introduced as part of DHL’s commitment to using multi-modal transportation services, maximizing efficiency and improving our quality of service. Transit times between Batam and the rest of the world will be tightened, and this will be a competitive advantage for all our customers.”

The introduction of the dedicated DHL Batam Yellow Boat supports the Government’s initiative of establishing two Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Batam. It is aligned with the Batam business expansion plan, which includes more data centers, relevant services supporting the digital economy, the aviation industry and further strengthening of an efficient manufacturing base in the Asia Pacific.

Ahmad added, “The presence of the DHL Batam Yellow Boat will contribute to economic growth in Batam and throughout the Riau Islands, through its reliable services. This optimism is based on strong ground, as the Riau Islands’ economy continues to improve despite the pandemic.”

“Seeing the improved economic growth, DHL Express Indonesia is optimistic that the DHL Batam Yellow Boat will play its role in working together with business community and government agencies to enhance the economic growth of Batam and Riau Islands,” he added.


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