Sunday, September 24, 2023 | 11:05 WIB

Criticism of PeduliLindungi prompts House Speaker to ask PDP bill be expedited


PeduliLindungi Covid tracing app. (IO/Rayi Gigih)

“We hope that the government can provide concrete evidence using a straightforward method to ensure that PeduliLindungi does not violate privacy and is safe for public use,” said Puan.

The US State Department recently issued a report on global state of human rights. Indonesia is one of the countries under a spotlight, especially with regard to its pervasive use of PeduliLindung app.

The report said the app potentially violates laws related to private and family life, home and correspondence. This reportedly refers to a report from an NGO, but the US State Department did not specifically name the NGO in question. (rr)


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