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Chief Cofee Complex: An artsy and contemporary complex, hidden in the south of Jakarta


IO – Opened in February 2020 with an area of about 1500 square meters, Chief Coffee Complex (CCC) is a modern complex that combines a coffee
shop, co-working space, a barbershop, and a gathering place for cyclists, hidden among the bustle of commercial and residential areas around Jalan
Radio Dalam – South Jakarta.

Initially, in 2013, Chief was known as a barbershop with a line of experienced barbers in Jakarta, specifcally targeting young people who want to have a unique appearance.

Chief then launched a coffee shop whose concept is no less unique: carrying something different to satisfy the urban thirst for a contemporary hangout having a wide selection of delicious coffee and food as the perfect complement.

Offering a minimalist interior style that combines the glory of the industrial era with retro minimalism, Chief Coffee Roastery at the Chief Coffee Complex Radio Dalam is a trendy place that is interesting to visit as a weekend getaway or when you want to work from a cafe on weekdays; something that has become a habit in itself since the pandemic hit the world over the last two years.

Chief Cofee Complex: An artsy and contemporary complex, hidden in the south of Jakarta
Photo: Wally & Documentation of Chief Coffee Complex

As the second branch, after previously opening its first branch in the Kemang – South Jakarta area, this Chief Coffee is not only different
from its “older brother” in an area full of expatriates in Jakarta, but also offers comfort for those who are looking for tranquility away from the
hustle and bustle of Jakarta.

“We want to combine a concept of art that is integrated into one place.
For us at Chief, a haircut is a work of art while Coffee and Roaster is a
culinary activity with a touch of art.

There is also an art space gallery specially provided for visual artists, as
part of our support, so that artists can display their work,” said Fatsi Anjani, Co-Founder & CEO of Chief some time ago.

The other and older branch of Chief Barbershop – Coffee – Artspace, located in Kemang – South Jakarta, was recognized by Indonesia’s Museum of World Records (MURI) as one of the places with a complete and unique concept for successfully combining a barbershop, a coffee shop, and an art gallery as an interesting synergy.

Currently, if we visit the branch at Radio Dalam – South Jakarta, we will find the walls decorated with the work of local artist Darbotz with his distinctive mural style. Another interesting fact about Chief Coffee Roastery which frst opened in South Jakarta in 2017 is its development, which is quite surprising because every month on average this place can sell up to 100 kg of coffee. That’s a fantastic number.

“Chief Coffee was born with a passion to be able to serve quality Indonesian coffees for urbanites in Jakarta. Initially, our first branch was at Jalan Ciragil 1 no 11 South Jakarta, but as development progressed, we continued to expand by opening a Chief Coffee Roastery at Radio Dalam, offering a different ambiance from the previous branches,” said Fatsi.

Fatsi also added that the quality of Indonesian coffee beans must be supported by a reliable roaster. “To create a more complete brand experience, we monitor it continuously from the initial process when coffee beans are roasted. We want to maintain quality, starting from the strict selection of green beans until it reaches consumers’ cups.” The establishment of the complex is inseparable from the original purpose of the Chief brand, intending to expand with a wider range of consumers – and not only about haircuts.

Chief Cofee Complex: An artsy and contemporary complex, hidden in the south of Jakarta
Photo: Wally & Documentation of Chief Coffee Complex

“This Creative Complex aims to accommodate creative persons in Jakarta to gather and present their works on our walls. The rooms in the complex are prepared for various activities and events by creative industry players. Since opening for the first time in December 2019 and offcially in February 2020, various creative events have taken place here, ranging from seminars to various kinds of workshops,” said Fatsi.

The complex is more complete with the presence of an artisan bicycle repair shop that occupies the basement. There is also a modern
dancing community that practices three times a week in the main room.

Talking about Chief Coffee Roastery certainly cannot be separated from other menus besides coffee that can be ordered here. When we visited that afternoon, some of the menus available at this place were indeed tempting to try one by one. Carrying the concept of street food as the main dish, we found local favors combined with international tastes in the menu line.

Some of the menus offered to look tempting with names that are no less
unique. Opening with tantalizing phrases such as “last name, Hungry, first name, Always”, we will then find a series of menus that invite the tongue to sway, combining rich Indonesian culture with the usual international culinary styles, starting from Sundanese Bala Bala which is a fried specialty from West Java, Indian King Samosa which is rich in spices, Nanyang Kaya Toast which is sweet as a coffee companion to Gangnam Jeon which is similar to the savory egg martabak.

Urban Jakartans don’t need to be disappointed any longer if they want to find a hidden escape: CCC can be a choice. Don’t forget, always apply health protocols when visiting, wear a mask when you’re not eating or drinking and wash your hands often with soap while keeping you
distance from other visitors. (Freddy Wally)


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