Vaccine Distribution Dashboard enables ITS Aeromechanical Team win

Vaccine Distribution Dashboard enables ITS Aeromechanical Team win
Amelia Santoso, the team leader, demonstrates the idea of the Vaccine Distribution Dashboard made by the Aeromechanical Team.

Surabaya, IO – Accelerating the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Indonesia is currently the main focus of the government in achieving a herd immunity target. Trying to help that, Amelia Santoso, Muhammad Ainul Yaqin and Cindy Novita, three students of the Department of Engineering and Industrial Systems, Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering, Institute of Technology 10 Nopember Surabaya (ITS)
were inspired to initiate a vaccine distribution dashboard.

The work of these three students, all members of a team named “Aeromechanical”, gained a second place in the Logistic Case Competition held by DHL Supply Chain Indonesia late last month. Aeromechanical outperformed five other finalists selected from the 30 best teams from universities throughout Indonesia.

Vaccine Distribution Dashboard enables ITS Aeromechanical Team win
ITS Engineering and Industrial Systems Department students presenting their dashboard innovations online

Amelia Santoso, who is also the team leader stated that this innovation was raised from concerns about the diffculty of distributing vaccine stocks throughout Indonesia. “To create herd immunity it is necessary to accelerate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine,” she explained, in a release received by the Independent Observer, Wednesday (29/9/2021).

Accelerating the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines can be achieved through processing data on existing conditions in Indonesia properly, to be combined with data on various regulations, the characteristics of each vaccine, the number of existing health facilities, infrastructure, and medical workers. “Thus, later the right method will be created to overcome these problems,” she said.

Vaccine Distribution Dashboard enables ITS Aeromechanical Team win
The Aeromechanical Team was announced as the second-place winner of the DHL Logistic Case Competition.

The Aeromechanical Team uses a P-median method to accelerate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. This method was chosen because it can determine the hub or distribution center of the vaccine when it is distributed throughout Indonesia, eventually facilitating COVID-19 vaccine to move to supply all corners of the country. “Of course this will facilitate data processing as well as the results of the analysis,” said this student from

To make monitoring easier, the team designed a Vaccine Distribution Dashboard, using Power BI (a business analysis service by Microsoft). Power BI was chosen to determine the estimated time needed to accelerate vaccine distribution. The dashboard is also used to find out how wide the distribution center facilities are and what combination of transportation modes are suitable for distribution so that the handling can be detailed.

This alumnus of State High School 2 Surabaya said that her team’s innovation had several advantages, including being able to determine the optimal point for each vaccine distribution center using (P-median). The dashboard can also directly process and display data on the progress of the number of vaccines and health facilities in Indonesia, which is divided by province to facilitate monitoring and decision making.

Amelia hopes that in the future this dashboard innovation can be realized and help accelerate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Indonesia. “In that way, giving vaccines to people in various regions in Indonesia can be more structured and help achieve herd immunity,” she said hopefully. (est)