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CGV pioneers the first ‘Playactive Cinema’ in Tangerang


IO, Tangerang – CGV announces that several interior design facilities and renovations have been completed at CGV Teraskota, and the reopening of the CGV Teraskota with a new atmosphere and more complete facilities was inaugurated on November 14, 2019. 

In addition to refresher on the side of interior design that is now retro-vintage style, the addition of several sports-themed facilities at CGV Teraskota provides a unique experience. There is a ‘CGV Sports Hall’, a sports field for playing basketball, futsal, and badminton, equipped with lockers and bathing places. There is also a ‘CGV Sports Bar’ which offers a variety of foods and drinks for before and after exercises such as soft drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes and simple dishes such as pizza, pasta, burgers, and also Indonesian and Korean dishes. Also in Teraskota CGV provides three Billiard tables for rent to visitors. 

The inauguration of the Teraskota CGV with the theme of Playactive Cinema began with “Media Day” welcoming and inviting media coverage, a tour of the Teraskota CGV area while taking pictures and photos of existing facilities, and a question and answer session with CGV management. Media representative colleagues were also presented with delicious food from CGV Kitchen. And then watch together with the latest film in one of the Teraskota CGV Auditoriums, not to forget the typical CGV Popcorn and drinks. CGV’s Managing Director, Tommy Kim was also present to inaugurate the Teraskota CGV reopening. 

“We are very pleased to be inaugurating CGV Teraskota with its PlayActive theme which is now equipped with several facilities. “The second Playactive expansion of CGV in Indonesia, and the first in Tangerang is part of the CGV business development plan,” said Tommy Kim. 

PlayActive Cinema is a venue that unites theaters, sports activities, a place to meet and interact while offering a unique experience than just a cinema which is only a place to watch films. Playactive Cinema is still within the scope of the concept of ‘Cultureplex’ which is carried by CGV Global which makes cinema not only a place to watch but also venues for cultural arts, music, sports, culinary, film festivals and corporate events, both formal and casual. The cinema with the theme Playactive in CGV Teraskota is the second in CGV following the success of Playactive Cinema CGV FX Sudirman. 

The announcement of the re-opening of CGV Teraskota with these additional facilities follows the significant growth of CGV performance this year with the addition of seven new theaters. Until October 2019, CGV has opened 63 cinemas in 15 provinces and 28 cities in Indonesia and is targeting 100 theaters by the end of 2020. 

CGV Indonesia also strives to develop various arts and cultural programs combined with film content. 

In September, CGV Central Park became the venue for the ‘Beauty Class’ event in collaboration with one of the cosmetic products from South Korea and received a pretty good response. Participants who participated in the ‘Beauty Class’ learned “How to Make Up Like Korean Actress” from the Beauty Class Artist from Korea, and watched with the film ‘Exit’ at the CGV Central Park Satin Auditorium. CGV Central Park also became the venue for the “October Fear Festival” in the context of enlivening ‘Halloween’. The event in collaboration with CGV business partners featured Horror Movie Marathon, Halloween Costume Party, Halloween Dinner, and performances from renowned Indonesian DJs. 

This year, until November 2019, six Film Festivals have been held in various CGV Indonesian cinemas: the Australia-Indonesia Cinema Festival (March), Asia Content Business Summit (September), German Cinema (October), Korea Indonesia Film Festival (October ), Japanese Film Festival (November), French Cinema Festival (November). 

Alternative content released on CGV Indonesia is also diverse. On October 9, the film Metallica and San Francisco Symphony: S & M2 aired in cinemas all over the world in Indonesia, a concert that was packaged in a music genre that aired on CGV with very good response. The audience feels the sensation of a magnificent concert on the cinema screen. Also, a concert from a Korean music group, ‘Twice’, which was packaged in a film called ‘Twice Land’, aired on CGV Indonesia’s cinema. 

The various contents and events at the same time prove that CGV Indonesia continues to position itself as a different cinema network by offering spaces that not only contain films but also more complete cultural, social and cultural arts. 


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