Celebrating Children’s Day, here are fun activities families can do together

Tebet Ecopark
Children playing with their parents.(IO/Andi Muhamad)

Jakarta, IO – It is often said that children are a gift of blessing for a family. Most parents always try their best to ensure the best growth and development of their children.

One of the most enjoyable things is when parents can spend time doing activities with their children. According to Antara, here are three inspirational activities for parents and children to do to celebrate the National Children’s Day which falls on Saturday (23/7).

Cooking Together

Cooking with children is not only fun, but it can also provide a number of benefits for children, like building their self-confidence. When parents actively involve their children in the cooking process at home such as helping to prepare utensils, ingredients, and participating in the process, children will feel that they are trusted and this will also instill a sense of responsibility in them. Parents can praise them as a sign that they appreciate the child’s efforts to do their best.