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Oldest male panda dies in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, IO – Ocean Park Amusement Park in Hong Kong reported the death of the oldest male panda in the world named “An An” at the age of 35 due to deteriorating health.

An An has lived in captivity since 1999. “An An was 35 years old, which is equivalent to 105 human years,” wrote Ocean Park amusement park, as reported by Suara, Friday (22/7).

The giant male panda was a gift from China as part of a “panda diplomacy” program in 1999. An An came to Hong Kong with a female named Jia Jia who died earlier in 2016 when she was 38 years old.

This makes Jia Jia the oldest female panda ever kept in captivity. In the wild, pandas usually live for only about 14 to 20 years.


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