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Ed Sheeran Vinyl Sought by Fans at Santa Market, Offered Up to Rp11 Million


Jakarta, IO – Ed Sheeran went to visit Santa Market to give out free vinyl record Divide to several shops on the sidelines of his Mathematics Tour Indonesia concert at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) on March 2. The vinyls have now become sought after items, bid by some fans for up to Rp11 million.

One seller said that Ed Sheeran’s team informed the kiosks’ owners but did not tell them that the vinyls would be personally handed over by the British artist, per Detikcom, Mon (18/3).

Ed Sheeran then visited the shops selling vinyl records one by one carrying large boxes containing his vinyls. This elated the sellers who gladly received them. It did not take long for the vinyl to be sought after by loyal fans.

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One of them is a tourist from Germany who is also a big fan of Ed Sheeran. He had been craving for a vinyl signed by the English singer-songwriter, made famous by his song “Perfect”. But even though he had offered up to Rp11 million, the owner was not willing to sell it.

“Because I want to keep it as a collection for the shop,” said shop owner Rasid. “It is a very valuable and rare item.” he proudly display the vinyl, encased in a black frame, further adding to the allure of his shop to customers. (bp)


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