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Bjorka’s motive in hacking Indonesia gov’t website


Jakarta, IO – Dark web user Bjorka has been gaining notoriety lately. His action uploading the Indonesian users’ SIM card data to revealing confidential presidential correspondence has given a lot of trouble for government agencies. So, what is Bjorka’s motive?

The majority of Bjorka’s uploads were about Indonesia. Some of his comments on the Indonesian government, including the Communications and Information Ministry led by Nasdem cadre were sarcastic, CNN Indonesia reported.

Bjorka hinted that the data leak is his way to show that government institutions will continue to be corrupt as long as they are led by non-experts.

“This is a new era for change. Nothing would change if fools are still given enormous power. The supreme leader in technology should be someone who understands (subject matter), not a politician and military people because they are just stupid,” tweeted Bjorka.

He claimed he just “want to show how easy it is to get into government database because of poor data protection policies.”

Furthermore, through his Twitter account @bjorkanisme, which has now been suspended, Bjorka admitted to harbouring personal grudge against Indonesia because his friend in Poland was a victim of Indonesian policy in the past.


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