Monday, May 29, 2023 | 14:47 WIB

Bjorka’s motive in hacking Indonesia gov’t website


Bjorka’s profile picture on Telegram. (Doc. Special)

“It seems complicated to continue his dream the proper way, so I prefer to do it this way. We share the same goal, so that country where he was born can change for the better,” he wrote.

Drone Emprit founder Ismail Fahmi via his Twitter account @ismailfahmi said he was surprised by the actions of a hacker who reveals clues about his identity.

“Is this Bjork really in Warsaw, as he claims, or is he in Indonesia. His motive no longer seems to be selling personal data, but has turned political,” Ismail tweeted.

However, he doubted the political motive because the New Order has been gone for a long time.

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“If his motive is related to the New Order, then it’s irrelevant today. Indonesian has changed a lot.”

Apart from that, Ismail believes that Bjorka’s actions can raise the public awareness about data security, especially the significance of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill. (rr)


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