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Jim Brickman, Musician
Loves Indonesian food


Jakarta, IO – Jim Brickman held a concert at Balai Sarbini with the title “Jim Brickman Live in Jakarta 2022”. The concert also featured musicians as Jim’s duet partners: John Trones, Delon and Rossa. 

The Jim Brickman concert was opened by singing Indonesia Raya, the national anthem. After that, Delon came forward as the opening act to invite the audience to reminisce through the song “You Raise Me Up”. 

(Source: Color Asia Live)

Delon surprised Jim with a box of nastar cakes. “I brought you something. This is a cake from Indonesia. Special for you. This is nastar,” said Delon. 

“Gosh. I can’t stop eating in this city,” continued Jim while enjoying the nastar Delon gave him. 

Jim Brickman had arrived in Jakarta a few days ago. When he arrived in Indonesia, Jim admitted that he was enjoying all the food here. 

He sees Indonesia as featuring a variety of delicious food, as well as friendly people who always offer to taste the food. Now one of Jim’s favorite foods is nastar. 


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