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Biden’s overall poll satisfaction continues to decline, but this appears to have nothing to do with the situation in Ukraine


Jakarta, IO – The conflict between Russia and Ukraine erupted in February 2022. After Vladimir Putin marched into Ukraine, Joe Biden imposed harsh sanctions on Russia, and stated that the US “would help the Ukrainian army, but will not order the US troops to go immediately to battle,” in order to avert a “third world war” or “nuclear war.” 

Meanwhile, In the US, Trump has often stated that Biden is dumb, foolish, and weak, and that he is not a Putin opponent at all. Although some Republicans are upset that Trump is being too kind to Putin, Trump has simply reduced his admiration for Putin (and voiced some superficial condemnation of Russia’s activities), and not because of the situation in Russia and Ukraine. Stop the barrage on Biden. According to Trump, the US response to the situation in Ukraine is no different than the failure of last year’s exit from Afghanistan. 

So, how does the general populace in the United States feel about this? Is public sentiment shifting in favor of Trump’s critique of Biden? Or is it more likely to support Biden’s “antiRussian” stance? 

As per preliminary evidence, Biden’s condition does not appear to be very promising. According to a joint survey conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News at the end of February, Biden’s public opinion support has slipped to around 37%, with 55% of respondents expressing displeasure and 7% expressing no view. Of course, the situation in Russia and Ukraine was mostly ignored in this survey, and the key context was the US economy’s bad performance. 


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