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Inclusive National Dialogue Only Respite for ASEAN’s Solution in the Ongoing Myanmar Strife

Coup d’état is not a new element in Myanmar’s polity since its independence from British colonialism. A coup throws out the democratic polity to set up a military dictatorship. Such unilateral transfer of power would require legitimacy from a sovereign state, which often leads such an authoritarian state to be a satellite for the great power nation in its quest for survival that, in turn, carves a path for bloc politics.

What’s New in The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and What Can the World Do?

The Hamas strike on Israel on October 7, 2023, serves as a reminder to the international community that the Palestinian resistance group still exists. As their eyes and attention shift to other wars and crises, Hamas appears to want to reassess the international community’s support for Palestine. Since the commencement of the armed war between Russia and Ukraine, The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become a secondary and forgotten topic. 

China and the Contemporary World

The study and analysis of international relations of other Countries and Peoples are a prerequisite for the advancement of peace and an intrinsic requirement for promoting globalization and respect for diversity. This is all part of the mutual cultural exchanges that include travels and visits of people, as well as transmission of experiences, mutual influence of customs and traditions, dissemination of ideas, politics, literature, art, etc. There are various channels for exchanges, such as government envoys, citizens studying abroad, trade, craftsmen, etc. Wars and imprisonment also provided channels for exchanges related to international relations. 

China Keeps up Military Pressure on Taiwan, Sending 43 Planes and 7 Ships Near Self Governing Island

Taiwan said Wednesday that China sent 43 military aircraft and seven ships near the self-ruled island, the latest sign that Beijing plans no letup in its campaign of harassment, threats and intimidation. 

Judging Politicians By Their Achievements, Not Their Family Ties

After it was announced recently that the president’s oldest son, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, was selected by Prabowo Subianto’s political coalition to become Prabowo’s running mate for next year’s presidential elections, there was an uproar in parts of the media. Critics are claiming that Jokowi is trying to build a political dynasty and arguing that it is undemocratic. 

Israel-Hamas Conflict as a Holy War: For Fundamentalists in All Three Abrahamic Faiths

Hamas regards its October 7 attack on Israel as an act of jihad, a concept viewed by extremist Muslims as a holy war. This attack was marked by extreme violence which targeted civilians, including women, children, and the elderly. Such brutality has led even some secular Jews to perceive it as an extension of historical persecution, drawing parallels to the various attempts to eradicate Jews recounted in the Old Testament.

Commemorating Indonesia-South Korea Golden Anniversary: What is the Fate of the KF-21 Project?

September 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Indonesia-South Korea diplomatic relations. Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi emphasized how both countries are more than close friends – they are rather special strategic partners. In a similar tone, the Indonesian Ambassador to Korea, Gandi Sulistiyanto, also stressed how Indonesia and South Korea share common values, principles of mutual respect, trust, solidarity, democracy and an open economy. It is noteworthy that Indonesia is the only ASEAN country designated as holding a Special Strategic Partnership with South Korea, effective since 2017, mirroring the importance of Jakarta to Seoul. 

The Dual Threat: Global Food and Water Crises Demand Immediate Action

On World Food Day, 16th October 2023, we raise an alarm and urge global unity in addressing the imminent threats tied to our most vital resources: food and water. This year’s theme, emphasizing the imperativeness of adept water management amidst looming water crises, underscores water’s pivotal role in both human sustenance and food production sustainability. 

Israel-Hamas conflict: A notion of belonging beyond National Security

With the escalating conflict between the Palestinian group Hamas and Israeli force, many of Israeli’s allies including the USA, a number of European states, India-have conveyed their solidarity for Israel and condemned the attack and violence by the Hamas. 

A Tragedy Unfolding: The Crisis in Gaza Demands International Attention

In recent days, the world has witnessed a devastating escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine, specifically in the Gaza Strip, resulting in an unimaginable loss of civilian lives.

A Reflection of the Social Commerce Banning in Indonesia

We have been seeing the significant development of retail market activities since Kaskus facilitated trading activities between online sellers and purchasers. Founded in 1999, Kaskus was the main platform used by most Indonesians to engage in digital social interaction.

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