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Bareskrim chief denies involvement in illegal mining kickback


Jakarta, IO – Several high-ranking police officers are alleged to have received bribe from an illegal mining activity in East Kalimantan. One of them is Criminal Investigation Division (Bareskrim) chief Commissioner General Agus Andrianto, who has denied the allegation, blasting it as baseless accusation, reported CNN Indonesia, Friday (25/11).

The allegation originated from an investigation report signed by former internal affairs division (Div Propam) chief Ferdy Sambo and internal security (Paminal) bureau head Hendra Kurniawan. In it, Agus was said to have received Rp2 billion per month in “coordination money,” a code word for bribe.

“The information alone is insufficient (as evidence),” said Agus. He revealed that Ismail Bolong – a former police officer who have confessed of taking bribes in the case in a widely circulated video – has himself clarified that Agus was not involved.

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Agus emphasized that Ismail’s original statement was made because he was intimated. Agus also questioned the actions of Ferdy Sambo and Hendra Kurniawan who did not take action against all the individuals mentioned in the report.

He suspected that Ferdy and Hendra – now on trial for the murder of Police Brigadier Yosua Hutabarat (“Brig. J”), were the ones who took the bribe themselves by not taking action on the report. “I suspect it is a tactic to divert blame on them,” said Agus. (un)


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