DION: fine dining at its best

DION's Mediterranean-style restaurant, located at Senayan Park, Jakarta. (Source: DION)

Jakarta, IO – Located in Senayan Park, Jakarta, DION is an oasis inspired by a Greek mythological god named Dionysus. Adopting the Mediterranean concept, the coming guests will walk into Greek’s Santorini-like whitewashed walls and spacious structure, enhanced by a wooden, golden and marble accents décor to add to the luxury and elegance.

Emphasizing sterling quality, DION selected Senayan Park for its beautiful view, unique landscape, and vast lake area. DION presents lakeside dining, where visitors can enjoy a meal while gazing upon the lake’s soothing view and amazing sunset. DION provides premium quality foods and live-music entertainment and DJs in the evening.

Honey barbecue Australia Wagyu Short Ribs + Served with cauliflower puree. (Source: DION)

DION’s signature dishes offer Hokkaido Oyster Platter, Cardini Caesar Salad, Toro Tartare with Uni and Caviar. R. Kenny, as DION’s Executive Chef, recommended the A5 Sirloin 4 percent Miracle steak with its soft and juicy texture. “We provide certified beef, guaranteed quality,” he convinced.

DION’s guests will enjoy not only the experience of five-star dining with amazing menus but also a tableside food preparation experience. Your Cardini Caesar Salad and Homemade Ice Cream are made before your very eyes, by your table.

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DION’s owner’s representative, Stephanie Kusuma, hopes DION fine dining team will be able to deliver first-class class service and dishes to its honored guests. DION aims to be the best place for food and live music connoisseurs in Jakarta and wishes to expand to other areas successfully.