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Banyuwangi Holds Sepuluh Ewu Coffee-Drinking Festival in Osing Village, With This Philosophy


Jakarta, IO – Banyuwangi held a coffee-drinking festival. This event, which is held every year, takes place at the Kemiren Traditional Tourism Village, Glagah district, Saturday (4/11) evening.

Called the Sepuluh Ewu, it aims to preserve the coffee-drinking tradition, the coffee is served in every yard of the village residents’ houses for up to 2 kilometers.

Along the road, dressed in traditional Osing clothing, the villagers serve coffee to guests using special cups that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The type of coffee served varies, from Arabica, Robusta, to homebrew. A variety of traditional snacks are also served.

Known as one of the coffee producing regions in Indonesia, Banyuwangi is holding this festival to stimulate the coffee-based creative economic sector.

“This festival is an opportunity to promote Banyuwangi coffee to national and international markets,” said the regent Ipuk, per, Tuesday (7/11).

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“Let’s raise our coffee cups, share stories and make this day perfect with friendship. Enjoy coffee at the Sepuluh Ewu Coffee Festival,” he said.

Philosophy behind the festival

This festival also carries the philosophy of “sak corot dadi seduluran”, which means “once brewed we are brothers”. By drinking coffee together, village residents wish to strengthen ties of brotherhood.

It also showcased cultural performance that depicts the friendliness and generosity of Osing residents. The festival was attended by thousands of people who packed the main street of village to enjoy coffee served by members of the Osing tribe. (at)


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