Bali Immigration deports two foreigners for overstaying their visa and one for unruly behavior

air port
(IO/Aslam Iqbal)

CGAB overstayed his visa for 470 days since March 12, 2021. The Dutch admitted that he did not have the money to extend his limited stay permit (ITAS) visa, usually granted to elderly tourists, as the money had been spent on his appendicitis and hernia surgery.

“He also said that of his pension of €1,500 (Rp25 million) only €450 (Rp5 million) are left around because he had to pay a lawyer for his son who was caught possessing narcotics in the Netherlands,” Anggiat added.

SAP also overstayed for two years and two months since April 12, 2020. He said he did not know that during the Covid-19 pandemic visa on arrival (VoA) holders were required to extend their residence permit onshore at the immigration office of their destination.