Friday, September 29, 2023 | 00:33 WIB

After 16 years, Rafflesia blooms outside its habitat for the first time


Jakarta, IO – Rafflesia arnoldi, commonly known as the corpse flower or giant padma, blooms outside its habitat for the first time. The gigantic flower, native to Sumatra is blooming in Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Sofi Mursidawati, researcher and curator of the Rafflesia Collection at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, said the world’s largest flower blooms after conservation efforts had been carried out outside its habitat since 16 years ago.

Sofi explained that in 2006 she grew Rafflesia arnoldi seed from Bengkulu in the climber plants section. It includes 7 species of tetrastigma, host of Rafflesia.

“In early September, several flower knobs appeared and one of them began to bloom two days ago and is in full bloom today,” said Sofi, as reported by Liputan6, Saturday (17/9).


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