Adira Finance Encourages Economic Growth through the 2020 Adira Virtual Expo

(Photo: Logic PR Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Entering the age of 30 on November 13, 2020, Adira Finance continues to be a loyal friend. Despite pandemic conditions and the requirement that all parties must adapt to new habits, Adira Finance continuously produces innovations in providing financial solutions for every consumer need. 

As part of the 30th Anniversary series of events, Adira Finance has proven its commitment to digital transformation early this year by launching the Adiraku application to make it easier for consumers to transact safely. Then, as an appreciation to loyal consumers, they give adirapoin which can be exchanged for discounted installments and various vouchers. 

Besides, as one of the largest finance companies in Indonesia, Adira Finance also holds a CSR program as a form of responsibility for the social environment as well as helping community empowerment. Since last August, the 2020 Local Creative Festival has been held to motivate SMEs and the young generation to create business creativity and innovation. Then, there is also the 2020 People’s Market Festival which is held to encourage traders and ecosystems in people’s markets so they can survive amid the current pandemic. 

“This pandemic has changed our habits and lifestyle. Previously, many activities were carried out face-to-face; this time we have to do it online or virtually. This also encourages us to continue to innovate and carry out transformation in maintaining synergy with our ecosystem, as well as encouraging the national economy,” said Adira Finance President Director Hafid Hadeli at the press conference for the Grand Opening of the Adira Virtual Expo 2020 which was held virtually, on 12 November 2020. 

As a tangible manifestation of innovation, digital transformation, and driving the economy, as well as re-stimulating consumer interest in transactions through various products and offers and financing programs, Adira Finance held the Adira Virtual Expo 2020. 

The Grand Opening of the Adira Virtual Expo 2020 which was held online on 12 November 2020 marked the official opening of the first exhibition of all Adira Finance products in a virtual 3D format. Adira Virtual Expo 2020 takes place from 12 – 29 November 2020 and can be accessed nationally, making it easier for consumers to find products according to their domicile. 

Consumers everywhere can look for cars and motorbikes (new or used), commercial vehicles, e-bikes, insurance products, and multipurpose fund facilities from various well-known brands, as well as more than 350 Adira Finance dealer partners spread throughout Indonesia. 

“I would like to invite all visitors to enjoy the Adira Virtual Expo 2020, please look for products according to your needs and enjoy various attractive offers and the best financing programs available,” explained Hafid Hadeli. 

During the Adira Virtual Expo 2020, visitors can enjoy various attractive offers as well as promos, such as interest from 2.6 percent, discounts, and a cashback of millions of rupiah, free special maintenance, free mobile/motolite insurance, adirapoin bonuses for consumers who register the Adiraku application, as well as installment discounts of up to IDR 700 thousand. 

There are additional benefits, a trade-in program. Then on weekends, a Happy Hour program will be held providing attractive offers. 

Selected Adira Finance loyal customers will receive 3 times Exactly Perfect draws and instant approval, namely instant loan approval. There are still many other promos that consumers can get for every product at the Adira Virtual Expo 2020. 

Access to Adira Virtual Expo 2020 will be open for 24 hours via virtual, while operating hours will be open at 12.00 – 21.00 WIB (Monday – Friday) and 09.00 – 21.00 WIB (Saturday and Sunday). 

To enliven the 2020 Adira Virtual Expo, visitors can also enjoy a series of entertainment events including: 

20 November 2020: Talktainment “Smart Shopping at Adira Virtual Expo 2020” with influencers. 

27 November 2020: Virtual Concert featuring renowned artists Maliq & D’Essentials. 

“Adira Virtual Expo 2020 was deliberately created online to provide easy access to consumers while providing a sense of security and comfort during a pandemic,” explained Adira Finance Portfolio Director, Harry Latif, at the same opportunity. 

Visitors can directly visit the booths of available automotive and non-automotive products. Apart from seeing products with a virtual 3D display, visitors can ask questions about the product and promo programs offered through the live chat feature with EVA (Expo Virtual Assistant) which is available in each booth. 

“People can also directly apply for Adira Finance financing according to their needs at each partner booth,” said the Director of Sales, Service, and Distribution the Adira Finance, Niko Kurniawan Bonggowarsito. 

Adira Finance financing can also be submitted through the Adiraku application, through the credit application menu, or via momobil. id and There are also sharia financing options available. 

Especially for financing through the Adiraku application, during the implementation of the Adira Virtual Expo 2020, there was a 5000 adirapoin bonus for consumers who activated adirapoin in the adiraku application, as well as a Double Points promo for timely installment payments during November 2020. 

Adira Virtual Expo 2020 received tremendous support from various parties, including Bank Danamon, Asuransi Raksa, Manulife, and Carsome. And of course all participating dealer partners.