(Photo: NOVOTEL Doc.)

IO – Bogor, 6 November 2020. After 23 years of serving the hospitality industry, Novotel Bogor Golf Resort & Convention Center is delighted to announce that the first phase of renovation has come to completion. Since August 2019, the resort commenced its upgrading journey to enhance the area and facilities at the property, resulting in a significant refreshing atmosphere through into modern elegance blending with local heritage at the Resort’s various touch points. 

The re-opening of the newly-renovated Novotel Bogor Resort was marked with a complete experience of dining and stay at the resort for all invitees, as the management hosted an exquisite gala dinner last Friday 6 November 2020, continuing with a stay in the new rooms. 

The upgraded areas and facilities extend from the new drop-off, a transformed lobby receptionist, new Executive Lounge, new Grand Ballroom with the biggest indoor wall-mounted videotron in Indonesia and meeting rooms, all resort restaurants, short-wing bedrooms, to the insta-worthy Vertical Garden; while the long wing building will follow afterwards. The new technology and fascinating local ornaments are seamlessly embedded in many corners and facilities aiming to elevate convenience, experience, and comfort for everyone. 

“As the world is changing and evolving in these unprecedented times, we stay more committed to providing excellence with the upgraded property, certified ALLsafe facilities, and world-leading comfort. And with the renovated resort, our vision is to deliver endless experience enrichment to our guests and employees.” said the General Manager of Novotel Bogor Golf Resort & Convention Center, Charles Choi. 

“Thank you to all invitees and sponsors who have been supporting us. I am truly grateful to be able to announce that the new face of Novotel Bogor Resort is NOW OPEN, and we are looking forward to welcoming you again at our door”