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With 46 Malay Royal Sites, Penyengat Island is a Cultural Heritage Zone


Jakarta, IO – Penyengat Island in the Riau Archipelago is designated a cultural heritage zone by the Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry.

“This is a step by the Ministry to protect cultural heritage so that it remains sustainable,” said Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister Hadi Tjahjanto, per Detikcom, Saturday (2/9).

Penyengat Island is a Malay cultural heritage site because it holds historical heritage of the Malay Kingdom. The government notes that there are at least 46 cultural sites.

Some of the relics are in the form of royal buildings, either those that are still intact or the remnants. In addition, there are mosques, wells, forts, and tombs of past Malay Kingdom.

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The authentic relics are considered very valuable and are proof of the presence of government on this small island.

According to Tanjungpinang Regional Government, Penyengat Island as a tourist attraction is located approximately 1.8 kilometers from the city center. Anyone visiting the island must first cross the Riau Strait using a motorboat (pompong) that takes about 15 minutes. (un)


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