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What are the highlights of the Russian Victory Day Parade in 2022?


Jakarta, IO – The conflict on the front lines in eastern Ukraine is stalemate, and the West is using the “big stick” of economic and financial sanctions to “strangulate” Russia all over. In the Great Patriotic War, Russia established the yearly May 9 Victory Day. 

Despite the current conflict in Ukraine, Russia celebrates Victory Day as usual. According to Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, “today is the most sacred and important day for Russians,” and nothing will overshadow it. 

On the 9th, at 10 a.m. local time, the military parade honoring the 77th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War triumph began on schedule on Moscow’s Red Square. The military parade staged during this unique occasion has drawn global attention in light of the present tumultuous situation in Russia and Ukraine. 

According to military analyst Yuri Knutov, this year’s Red Square military parade is “significant” and “similar” to the 1941 Moscow military display. “It’s critical to bolster morale when the enemy arrives at the gate.” So, what are the highlights of the Red Square military parade this year? 

Will there be a “big announcement” at the Victory Day military parade? Putin reiterates that a pre-emptive attack is the only solution 

Analysts worldwide are eager to see what message the military parade on Red Square would convey and whether Putin will make a “major statement” on special military operations. Previously, the West had hyped it up, and Putin would exploit Victory Day’s symbolism and propaganda value to proclaim the accomplishments of the military operation in Ukraine, or a thorough expansion of the special military operation in Ukraine. The Kremlin responded by calling the claims “nonsense.” 

Russian President Vladimir Putin initially extended his holiday greetings to Russians at the military parade on Red Square, saying, “In Russia, there is no family that is not afflicted by the fire of the Great Patriotic War.” Later, he stated that Russian troops “fight for our people in Donbass and for the security of our motherland.” 


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