View of seaside at Segarra Ancol

Having an outdoor area, it’s good to spend time with family. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Spending a weekend in a big city like Jakarta, there’s nothing wrong in visitin the entertainment area of Ancol, North Jakarta. Ancol is one of the places of recreation which is always busy with locals and tourists. Apart from being a place of recreation, Ancol also has a restaurant directly adjacent to the Bay of Jakarta.

If you ever enjoy a romantic dinner at the edge of the beach of Seminyak, Bali, now you do not need to go all the way to Bali. Now in Jakarta there is a restaurant that presents similar scenery located at the end of Jakarta Bay. Well known is Segarra Ancol located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol complex.

A beachfront restaurant located on the corner of Ancol area, where you can enjoy dishes with unusual scenery. Beach covered with white sand, seems to make the beach look beautiful and clean whilst beaches elsewhere in Ancol have black sand.

By having a very gentle waves, it’s perfect to spend your weekend with the family enjoying a meal with unlimited sea and sky views. Segarra in Javanese means sea and a beachside restaurant which can be used as a place for wedding party, meeting point, exhibition. With a land area of 4364m2, the building area of 727m2 they are able to accommodate more than 1200 people.

Having a vast land and being on the beach, Segarra has two different atmospheres, namely outdoor and indoor. They are consistently one of the best restaurants with various types of food and beverages on a national and international scale. Being in Segarra feels like it an afternoon on the beach of Bali, but no need to fly far to the island of the gods. With the friendly and intimate restaurant service coupled with the atmosphere close to the beach that makes a memorable visit for each visitor.

Your satisfaction here will take precedence, with their professional employees ready to serve your needs. Being at Segarra Restaurant, you not only feel the culinary delights that can spoil the tongue. Many interesting seating locations could be your choice when you want to feel the sun immersed in a beautiful setting. You can use the sun loungers along the beach and is perfect for couples who want to be more intimate when chatting.

For visitors who want to feel the beauty of the sea you can sit in the outdoor area and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. For those of you who live in a city like Jakarta would be familiar with the traffic congestion of the capital, the heat of the weather, and pollution will make your days feel tired. To maintain the sanity of the mind, we must feel the beauty of the beach with a delicious meal and drinks.

Segarra will be the perfect place for you to escape from the busy city life. If you want to feel the sea breeze with the beachside scenery accompanied by delicious food sounds like a good idea for you. Entertainment does not mean you have to go far, spend a day in Segarra enjoying the sea breeze, sand beaches, and beautiful scenery at sunset is more than enough.

For menu choices, Segarra has many variations of the main course menu, drinks and desserts are delicious and made from quality ingredients. Segarra has many local and international menu variants that are made by reliable chefs. The menus provided by Segarra have a lot of blend in every food. For example the menu from Indonesia, Empal Gentong native food of Indonesia is blended with processed and original Indonesian ideals. Combined with selected beef imported from Australia, this meat is grilled with the right maturity to make the season more pervasive as well as the meat texture that feels soft when you eat it. A thick broth soup also complements the delicacy of your dish. In addition, another menu is made with a fusion of ideas. Segarra also has a western menu that became a mainstay in this restaurant. Grilled Salmon served with vegetables such as, pakchoi leaf and carrot and mash potato.

In addition to delicious food, Segarra also provides spectacular drinks. For drinks mocktail, Segarra has a menu of Dragon Blue selection consisting of a mixture of lemon juice and orange plus a slice of lychee fruit and curacao fruit syrup. After enjoying delicious food and drinks, while enjoying the seaside atmosphere, Segarra also provides a variety of dessert ‘Two Season Cake ‘, soft cake with unique cotton candy as garnish and chocolate chips and marshmallow. Good chocolate cake flavor coupled with cotton candy is perfect for you to enjoy while listening to the waves on the edge of the beach.

Segarra operational hours are open daily from 12.00 – 00.00 WIB for weekday and for weekend closed at 02.00 WIB. (Aldo)

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