Property developments in the heart of South Jakarta

It has 3 variants room, including the white, the wood, and the mansard each room has a different theme. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – The presence of a variety of new property buildings in Jakarta lately more and more adorn the sky of the capital, amid the hustle and bustle of infrastructure development supporting the state capital. Just as apartments, hotels and more and more residence, don’t stop the entrepreneurs from building building business properties in Jakarta.

As performed by Shah Establishments Group, as a hospitality and entertainment company headed by Felly Imransyah. Strategically located in the heart of South Jakarta, close to the central business district of SCBD (Sudirman Cental Bussines District) surrounded by renowned restaurants and places to pamper lifestyles, The Gunawarman is a luxury residence with 35 rooms including 3 suites located in a strategic district with a leading reputation.

A very different experience poured through the interior with a classic European style that imaging elegance, eccentricity, freedom and luxury. The decor gives a unique impression to this hotel. It is becoming very new to the hospitality industry that offers models with concepts we have seen so often. This luxury residence is intended for young executives or some societies who want executive services.

Luxury residence located just 2 minutes from Senopati Street and also SCBD road is a strategic place for business activities or for a trip in downtown Jakarta. The Gunawarman has made its debut as a luxury residence in October 2016 as a one-stop lifestyle hub. Visitors can spend a meal in Sofia, enjoy bread from Kitte patisserie & boulangerie, plan business meetings in Csaba which is a special room reserved for hotel guests staying for special members. Each location presents a different atmosphere. The Gunawarman also features a Santa Maria Novella outlet, which presents the world’s oldest pharmacy and perfumery products from Italy.

The Gunawarman has three categories of rooms, where each room has a different theme, including the white, the wood, the mansard with several suite type rooms. Each room has a different look and concept that makes you want to enjoy sleeping in this room. As well as the super luxurious facilities in each room which adds a rare new experience you will not find in conventional hotels in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The Gunawarman teamed up with Somekind of Wonderful (SOW) Projects to hold a full interior and branding design. Done by young designers under the age of 30, SOW Projects translates Gunawarman’s new dream to become an independent hotel offering the best service that exceeds expectations. Bringing Indonesian uniqueness to the interior like ceramic bathroom brought directly from Bali to beds from Jepara. On the first floor using the name The White Room, featuring beautiful cornice details with windows directly facing the city skyline, creating a cool air-conditioned space. The second floor with the name The Wood Room, the overall panel made of wood and also a stand-alone bathtub adjoining the window gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort. And the third floor with The Mansard Room, the concept of rooftop room gives the feel of intimacy and comfort wrapped with modern British-style furniture.

To complement the art touch, The Gunawarman entrusted to artist Donald Robertson. His vibrant and cheerful works for The Gunawarman, creating the perfect things that are not easily forgotten. Brave and enthralling artwork from Donald Robertson stimulated a sense of joy. In addition to collaborating with SOW Projects and artist Donald Robertson, The Gunawarman also hooked up with fashion designer Auguste Soesastro, the owner of the Kraton label to design a hotel uniform.

In addition to having a very luxurious room, The Gunawarman has facilities that you can enjoy, such as Kitte Patisserie & Boulangerie, Santa Maria Novella, private meeting space, fitness centre and Sons groom room makes you want to be pampered and stay long in this luxury residence. (Aldo)