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Unpad supplies students in dormitories on campus


 IO, Bandung – The Response Division of the Disaster Research Center of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Bandung has begun distribution of daily needs of students living in the Jatinangor campus (Bale Wilasa), starting Monday (3/23/2020). Logistical supplies were paid for by fundraising of the “Unpad Alert Covid-19 Serving for the Nation Donation Program”, opened since Sunday (3/22/2020). 

An Unpad Office of Public Communication press release detailed how the logistics supply was intended to support students in avoiding face-to-face social contact in the dormitories, since ordinary classes on campus have been suspended. Another example of the effort to stop the spread and transmission of Coronavirus. 

The campaign was carried out in collaboration with Unpad Covid-19 Task Force. Through the construction of a public kitchen in the dormitory area, the team channeled daily logistical needs, in the form of foods and medications. The team also sprayed disinfectants around the dormitory area and campus environment and disinfected campus visitors. 

At the close of face-to-face classes on the Unpad campus, 269 students were registered as living in the dormitory. They were advised not to return home, to prevent potential transmission of Coronavirus. Classes have been replaced by an on-line learning protocol. During their stay in the dormitory, Unpad remains committed to meeting their daily logistical needs. 

In addition to daily food that is independently prepared by the logistics team, Unpad also received donations of masks, sanitation equipment, and vitamins. Donations were obtained from alumni as well as from other donors, directly given to the logistics center located at Bale Wilasa 1, Jatinangor campus. 

Support is not only for students in the dormitory: Unpad also supplies logistical needs for students who live on other campuses. On the Dipati Ukur campus, the Unpad Geology Student and Alumni Communication Forum have supplied logistics for 11 students who are also Marbut at the Al-Jihad Mosque in the Unpad campus. On the campus of the Faculty of Nursing in Garut, 22 Bidikmisi students receive daily support from an Unpad alumnus named Hadiyanto. 

Unpad Alert Covid-19 Donation Program opens donations for Coronavirus. The donations are for providing personal protective equipment (PPE), student logistics, internet quota assistance for Bidikmisi students, hand sanitizers, and for developing Covid-19 Introspective Applications (Amari) made by several Unpad researchers. (*/ est) 


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