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Tomini Bay, the forefront of Gorontalo marine tourism


IO – Tomini Bay is yet another Indonesian tourist destination that is worthy of making any international travelers list. Sweeping across Gorontalo Province, Tomini Bay charms any traveler who visits what is one of Indonesia’s largest bays.

Tomini Bay is rich with diverse natural resources including a myriad of different fish to spoil the eyes of divers. The bay is also filled with a line of 56 tiny islands in its center making for a breathtaking panoramic view.

Why does Tomini Bay have such a variety of fish? The bay’s diverse fauna is a result its location being precisely on the earth’s equator resulting in the bay having the perfect balance of salt, pressure, and humidity for a wide assortment of fish and coral. Diving in this bay will let you see the true beauty of God’s creations decorating the bay in various types and colors.

Interested in visiting Tomini Bay? The most effective way of reaching the bay is via air. Other than saving time, you also won’t waste energy on your journey to the bay. If you decide to travel via air, you will land in Jallaludin Airport. If you don’t want to spend the money to travel via air, you can visit by sea. You don’t have to worry about the distance between the bay and the ports being too far as the Gorontalo Province has provided three ports you can choose from: Crossing Port, Anggrek Port, and Kwandang Port.

In Tomini Bay, visitors can choose a variety of both exciting and challenging activities. Other than diving and snorkeling to see beautiful underwater views, visitors can also fish, enjoy the Olelel Sea Park, rent boats from local sailors to explore the surrounding nature, visit the local mountainous regions near the bay, and much more.

After a day of activities, you may feel tired and hungry. Around Tomini Bay, you will find several stores and food stalls offering competitively priced meals.

After arriving you will stay at lodging built by the locals or hotels near the bay. Staying at locally built lodges will save you quite a bit if you are up for the adventure with prices coming up to only about Rp 100 thousand per person including breakfast and dinner. (Pramitha Hendra)


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