The youthful spirit of Plaza Indonesia

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Reaching the age of 30, Plaza Indonesia celebrates its anniversary through an “Amazing 30” theme. Being 30 years of age, it is not getting older, but instead awakening the spirit of Plaza Indonesia to be younger. Plaza Indonesia will embrace all generations through a series of interesting programs and surprises to be held throughout March. This includes the most anticipated programs, namely Plaza Indonesia Kids Fashion Week 2020 and Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2020 which will take place over 12 days from March 14-25, 2020.

In this special 30-year moment, the Company introduces two personalities as Plaza Indonesia’s representatives to the public. “As one of the leading shopping centers and accompanying customers for 30 years, we realize our commitment to make Plaza Indonesia a familiar place for younger customers, by introducing the new face of Plaza Indonesia, which is expected to be able to inspire a younger dynamic, and represents the lifestyle carried by Plaza Indonesia,” explained Zamri Mamat as Plaza Indonesia’s General Manager of Marketing.

In the celebration of Plaza Indonesia Amazing 30, so much will be presented by Plaza Indonesia to its loyal customers: 30 Days of Happiness, Special Promo Discounts Anniversary, Surprise Surprise 3X points, Amazing 30 Anniversary Concert with Andien, Interpretation of White Shirts, Plaza Indonesia Kids Fashion Week, Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week, Appreciation Dinner and Amazing 30 art installations.

In addition to various lifestyle & fashion programs, arts, entertainment, and of course shopping rewards, Plaza Indonesia also does not forget social action as a form of gratitude for a 30-year long journey. Collaborating with 3 foundations, namely, Happy Hearts Indonesia, Indonesian Child Cancer Foundation, Saab Shares and MEEK Foundation, Plaza Indonesia will distribute new clothing to more than 700 children.

At levels 4,5 and 6, which is more targeted at young lifestyles, it also presents various programs to celebrate 30 years of Plaza Indonesia, in collaboration with well-known communities.

“In bringing youthful enthusiasm to Plaza Indonesia and its loyal customers, on this 30th anniversary, Plaza Indonesia will dedicate level 4 to level 6 for younger customers,” explained Gery Irvandi, Plaza Indonesia’s Online Community Management Manager.

For this reason, the events to be presented by Plaza Indonesia are based on collaborations with young inspirers, including the Public Speaking Workshop with Compassion, The Future of Fashion with Luxina, and the Fashion Celebration with Currator.

Along with the changing times, Plaza Indonesia also features 30 personalities, consisting of Cathy Sharon, Kelly Tandiono, Jordan Joe, Angel Pieters, Kallula Harsynta, Mario Ginanjar, Gamaliel Tapiheru, Nino Fernandez, Margie Oentoro, Jessie Setiono, Dimas Beck, Andra Alodita & Abenk Alter, Aero & Aqsa Aswar, Marsha Timothy, Hannah Al Rashid, Amot Syamsurimuda, Rama Dauhan, Toton Januar, Millie Stephanie Lukito, Winda Malika Siregar, Vidi Aldiano, Ria Lirungan, Ayla Dimitri, Amanda & Janna Soekasah, Woton Januar; Mike Lewis and Tara Basro.

Being one of the most anticipated programs, Plaza Indonesia Kids Fashion Week 2020 is the second kids’ fashion week, and will be held on March 14 and 15 at The Warehouse, level 5 of Plaza Indonesia. Over these two days, various inspirational trends in children’s clothing for ages under 10 will be displayed by Kakapo, Esmod Kids, BIMBI, Kidz Station, Mothercare, and Marks & Spencer Kids.

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week: Spring-Summer 2020, which has been held for the 13th time, will be held on the 16th to 25th of March 2020 at The Warehouse, 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia. “Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week this year will be more interesting and will differ from previous years. Because at the 30th-anniversary celebration of Plaza Indonesia, we will present 30 fashion shows from 30 well-known Indonesian fashion brands and designers who will display their 30 best collections. Besides, the curated show that will be held on the fifth day of PIFW will be themed “I Am Fashion” where we consider these fashion designers to be able to create a trend among Indonesian people,” said Ria Juwita, Senior Manager, Event & Promotions and Creative Services, PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk.

Plaza Indonesia also collaborates with 10 well-known designers in presenting Plaza Indonesia’s limited 30-year limited edition collection, “An Interpretation of White Shirt”, where the designers will interpret fashion in a white base color tailored to their style and character. “We hope that the programs we present can be enjoyed by the public, especially by loyal customers of Plaza Indonesia. We are also committed to always providing the best to our customers, as a leading shopping center and a modern gathering destination to become an impactful container of inspiration,” concluded Zamri Mamat.