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For its 30th Anniversary, a Japanese experience at Sogo


IO, Jakarta – Sogo Department Store Indonesia, grateful for its 30th anniversary, will hold a series of Japanese-themed events during March 2020 at all Sogo Department Store outlets. With the opening of a Sogo Department Store outlet in Delipark Mall Medan a few months ago, Sogo now runs a total of 19 stores in 8 major cities in Indonesia, which shows they are a pioneer of modern Indonesian retail; Sogo is committed to always provide the best service for all its loyal customers.

Carrying the Japanese theme in this 30th year, “Yume Matsuri” is used to greet dreams and hopes for the Sogo Department Store for the next 30 years. At the age of 30 years, Sogo expects to expand the retail market by cooperating with younger customers to become loyal customers of Sogo. In that Japan Festival series, Sogo has a variety of activities with Japanese nuances, such as workshop class in making bags with Japanese techniques, drawing cherry blossoms and views of Tsuchiya’s Maiko Sea Shore, arranging flowers with ikebana techniques, and various other activities. In welcoming Sogo’s anniversary which has reached these 3 decades, the Sogo Department Store also held a series of events with the highlight of the event being a cosplay competition, a Japanese fashion show, a Japanese music & dance performance, a mochi pounding activity, and a cake-cutting ceremony.

Handaka Santosa, as the Managing Director of PT. Panen Lestari Indonesia, explained that for over 30 years established in Indonesia, Sogo Department Store always prioritized the best service to loyal customers and shows consistency as a leading Department Store in Indonesia. He also said that the rise of online shopping did not alarm Sogo, since Sogo had products with local and international brands ranging from cosmetics, fashion, to home appliances, which made it easier for Indonesian consumers to shop. So that loyal customers do not need to go abroad to shop and find the desired product. Not only that, Sogo also participates in building the Indonesian economy by absorbing more than 10,000 workers from all over Indonesia, as well as continuing to support the work of the country’s creative industries.

“On Sogo’s 30th anniversary, Sogo shows that public demand for the retail market in Indonesia is still developing very well, where Sogo continues to innovate and continues to give attractive programs for loyal customers, so that they will be more comfortable to shop at Sogo Department Store,” said Sherry Sjiamsuri, as CEO of Sogo Department Store.

Not only that, Arnolda Ratnawati Sidarta, as Marketing Director of PT. Panen Lestari Indonesia, explained that in welcoming the Sogo’s 30th birthday, Sogo showed its gratitude by its social action within the community. As a form of Sogo Department Store’s concern for the surrounding environment, Sogo held a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by implementing the 3rd Blood Donation Program, in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross, involving all Sogo employees in all 19 outlets spread across 8 major cities in Indonesia. This activity began on January 6, 2020, with the theme of “We Donate Blood, We Celebrate Life”. Through this blood donor program that is routinely carried out by Sogo, Sogo also managed to get a MURI record award in 2018. In addition, Sogo also collaborated with the Hin An Society in the event of “Giving Back for a Better Life” to help the community, especially those with disabilities, by giving them prosthetic limbs. In line with Sogo’s slogan, “For the Beautiful Things in Life” Sogo provides assistance with prosthetic limbs, so that people who have limitations can still feel beauty and happiness along with the Sogo Department Store.

At the age of 30 years, Sogo continues to innovate to face the retail competition and keeping abreast of trends. As a one stop shopping destination, Sogo Department Store is equipped with food and beverages such as Chatterbox and Genki Sushi, Starbucks coffee shop, Kinokuniya book store, a barbershop, to The Food Hall supermarket. Sogo also provides services such as alterations, gift wrapping to beauty lounges.

Now, loyal customers can also find hotspot for Instagrammable photo booth that is intended so that loyal customers could share a pleasant shopping experience at Sogo Department Store. In addition, Sogo also presents various interesting programs to pamper loyal customers. In addition to regular programs such as Big Sale, Late Night Shopping, to face the online shopping euphoria, Sogo presents the ‘Offline Shopping Online Pricing’ campaign which is held every 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12.


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