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The joy of fine dining menu of the Archipelago at Daun Muda Soulfood Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – Indonesian cuisine remains to be excellent on the tongue of every citizen. Both young and old good even native Indonesian citizens or foreign immigrants from many who love Indonesian food, this authentic taste remains attractive despite the global cuisines ranging burst into Indonesian territory. Although the cuisine, such as Korean food, Japanese, Western, into the main menu are several restaurants in the capital. In fact the tongue of Indonesia can not be lied to treat the herbs and spices that is very rich. Among the proliferation of restaurants serving food western or western style food, ‘Young Leaves Soulfood by Andrea Peresthu’ instead offers a different dish archipelago. The restaurant located on the road Wolter Monginsidi No. 2A, Senopati, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta Indonesia serves specialties that have been curated in advance, so that all the food Archipelago is presented here.

His passion for Indonesian cuisine motivated him to bring famous lawyer, Lelyana Santosa alongside fellow lawyer, Todung Mulya Lubis, founded Young Leaves restaurant Soulfood newly established on 17 November, the two agreed to cooperate with one of the leading chefs in Indonesia. In accordance with his restaurant, Chef Andrea Peresthu trusted by two lawyers in preparing restaurant menu according to their wishes. As Chef Andrea comes from Palembang, therefore the South Sumatera menu seems to dominate.

Young leaves Soulfood Restaurant has been built using homey design so that every visitor will feel welcome to linger in this restaurant. The Open ceiling concept was presented by the restaurant which has two floors. When entered into, the visible area of the walls are decorated with brick material and decorative chandelier which gives the impression of comfort and looks spacious. Tables and chairs are carved in wood material making the restaurant decor very attractive.

Upon the opportunity to visit here, I immediately tasted the superior food of Young Leaves Soulfood. By following the direction of one of its owners, Lelyana Santosa, ultimately the choice fell on fried goat, smoked beef tongue, grilled eggplant Balado shrimp, and rusip young leaves are a typical menu of Palembang.

The first menu that I tried was the fried goat. Unlike the usual fried rice, the spice aroma of this dish really smell when it comes. Sprinkling of fried onions added a rich aroma of fried rice sized sepori this. Goat meat has a distinctive aroma, but this one is special food, the aroma is much less pronounced but savory taste yet delicious was felt by the tongue. Gentle goat meat mixed with various rice tempting with long grain would be a perfect combination.

Furthermore, there smoked beef tongue smeared with spicy chili seasoning. The presentation is so pretty directly evocative of those who saw it. Marigolds leaves and pieces of lime add to the aesthetic presentation of a serving of smoked beef tongue. Aroma fumigation directly inhaled while the mouth began to bite it. Texture soft and chewy meat mixed with chili seasoning spread spicy and salty. Then, there is the eggplant grilled shrimp Balado. Processing eggplant arguably unique, because eggplant baked in advance to produce a delicious aroma fumigation. Sprinkled spread of chili seasoning, spicy flavor of fresh salty dish chime in on this one. Marigolds leaves and lime pieces complement grilled eggplant presentation Balado shrimp. The fourth menu that I tried was a young rusip leaves. Interestingly, a dish from Palembang uses salted fermented fish that produce salty and sour tastes are quite sharp.

A selection of refreshing beverages will complement your meal if it was at this restaurant. Ice lemon tea, ice lime and a variety of fruit juice drinks menu is a series of examples to choose from. Not only that, Soulfood Young leaves also has a coffee menu derived from coffee beans accross the archipelago.

Interestingly, the theme of this restaurant casual dining featuring an open kitchen area in the middle of the restaurant. Lelyana, the owner of the restaurant admitted if she wants the visitors can find out how to cook the dishes without any cover-up.

“If another restaurant usually offers live music, we instead feature live cooking as we want to inform visitors that all the materials we use is fresh,” he said.

Although this restaurant is new, but Lely, familiarly known as, is hoping that this restaurant could eventually become one of the favorite restaurants of society.

“Hopefully, this restaurant could develop so we can hire more employees again and make this business bigger,” said Lely.

For those of you who want to visit, you need to spend quite a bit. All the food served here is priced starting from Rp 30 thousand to Rp 200 thousand. As a restaurant serving Indonesian food that is packed with unique dish, it will fit if you pay a visit to this restaurant for savoring the taste of Indonesian food. (aldo)


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